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       Terry Goodkind was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he also attended art school, one of his many interests on the way to becoming a writer. Besides a career in wildlife art, he has been a cabinet maker, violin maker, and he has done restoration work on rare and exotic artifacts from around the world -- each with its own story to tell, he says. In 1983 Goodkind moved to the forested mountains he loves. There, in the woods near the ocean, he built the house where he and his wife, Jeri, live, and came at last to tell his own stories.


Sword of Truth

Debt of Bones (2001) Download

Wizard's First Rule (1994) Download

Stone of Tears (1995) Download

Blood of the Fold (1996) Download

Temple of the Winds (1997) Download

Soul of the Fire (1999) Download

Faith of the Fallen (2000) Download

The Pillars of Creation (2001) Download

Naked Empire (2003)

Chainfire (2005)

Phantom (2006)

Confessor (2007)

The Omen Machine (2011)


The Law of Nines (2009)

The Hinges of Hell (2012)

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