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       aka James Aston. Terence Hanbury White is best known for his famous retelling of the Arthurian legends in The Once and Future King. He was educated at Cheltenham College and Cambridge. He later became a teacher and was appointed Head of Stowe school. The school grounds were to inspire the setting for Mistress Masham's Repose which he wrote in 1947.


Once and Future King

The Sword in the Stone (1938)

The Witch in the Wood (1939) aka The Queen of Air and Darkness

The Ill-made Knight (1940)

The Once and Future King (omnibus) (1958) Download

The Book of Merlyn: The Unpublished Conclusion to The Once and Future King (1977) Download


Darkness at Pemberley (1932)

First Lesson (1932) (as by James Aston)

They Winter Abroad (1932) (as by James Aston)

Farewell Victoria (1933)

Earth Stopped (1934)

Gone to Ground (1935)

Mistress Masham's Repose (1946)

The Elephant and the Kangaroo (1947)

The Book of Beasts: Being a Translation from a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century (1954)

The Master (1957)

Non fiction

England Have My Bones (1936)

The Age of Scandal: An Excursion through a Minor Period (1950)

The Goshawk (1951)

Scandalmonger (1952)

The Godstone and the Blackymore (1959)

America At Last: the American Journal of T H White (1965)

The White / Garnett Letters (1968) (with David Garnett)

Letters to a Friend (1982)

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