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       STEVEN BRUST is the bestselling author of Issola, Dragon, The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, and To Reign in Hell, among many others. A native of Minneapolis, he currently lives in Las Vegas.


Vlad Taltos

Jhereg (1983)

Yendi (1984)

Teckla (1987)

Taltos (1988)

Phoenix (1990)

Athyra (1993)

Orca (1996)

Dragon (1998)

Issola (2001)

Dzur (2006)

Jhegaala (2008)

Iorich (2010)

Tiassa (2011)

Hawk (2014)

Khaavren Romances

The Phoenix Guards (1991)

Five Hundred Years After (1994)

The Paths of the Dead (2002) aka The Paths of Deceit

The Lord of Castle Black (2003)

Sethra Lavode (2004)


To Reign in Hell (1984)

Brokedown Palace (1986)

The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars (1987)

Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille (1990)

The Gypsy (1992) (with Megan Lindholm)

Agyar (1993)

Freedom and Necessity (1997) (with Emma Bull)

The Incrementalists (2013) (with Skyler White)


The Desecrator (2011)

Fireworks in the Rain (2013)

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