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       Stephen R. Lawhead is an internationally acclaimed author of mythic history and imaginative fiction. His works include Byzantium and the series The Pendragon Cycle, The Celtic Crusades, and The Song of Albion. Lawhead makes his home in Austria with his wife.


Dragon King

In the Hall of the Dragon King (1985) Download

The Warlords of Nin (1983) Download

The Sword and the Flame (1984) Download


The Search for Fierra (1985)

The Siege of Dome (1986)


Howard Had a Spaceship (1986)

Howard Had a Submarine (1987)

Howard Had a Hot Air Balloon (1988)

Howard Had a Shrinking Machine (1988)

Pendragon Cycle

Taliesin (1987) Download

Merlin (1988) Download

Arthur (1989) Download

Pendragon (1994) Download

Grail (1997) Download

Brown Ears

Brown Ears: The Adventures of a Lost-And-Found Rabbit (1988)

Brown Ears at Sea: More adventures of a lost-and-found rabbit (1990)

Riverbank Stories

The Tale of Jeremy Vole (1990)

The Tale of Timothy Mallard (1990)

The Tale of Anabelle Hedgehog (1990)

Song of Albion

The Paradise War (1991) Download

The Silver Hand (1992) Download

The Endless Knot (1993) Download

Celtic Crusades

The Iron Lance (1998) Download

The Black Rood (2000) Download

The Mystic Rose (2001) Download

Hero Graphic Novels (with Ross Lawhead)

Hero (2003)

Rogue Nation (2004)

Hero (with Ross Lawhead)

City of Dreams (2003)

King Raven

Hood (2006)

Scarlet (2007)

Tuck (2009)

Bright Empires

The Skin Map (2010)

The Bone House (2011)

The Spirit Well (2012)


Dream Thief (1983)

Byzantium (1996)

Avalon: The Return of King Arthur (1999)

Patrick (2003)

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