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       Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy author. Green was born in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester.


Assorted Books by Simon R Green

Hawk and Fisher

No Haven for the Guilty (1990) aka Hawk and Fisher

Devil Take the Hindmost (1991) aka Winner Takes All

The God Killer (1991)

Vengeance for a Lonely Man (1991) aka Wolf in the Fold

Guard against Dishonour (1991)

Two Kings in Haven (1992) aka The Bones of Haven

Beyond the Blue Moon (2000)

Swords of Haven (omnibus) (1999)

Guards of Haven (omnibus) (1999)

Haven of Lost Souls (omnibus) (1999)

Fear and Loathing in Haven (omnibus) (2000)

Forest Kingdom

Blue Moon Rising (1991)

Blood and Honour (1992) aka Blood and Honor

Down Among the Dead Men (1993)

Once In a Blue Moon (2014)

Twilight of the Empire

Mistworld (1992)

Ghostworld (1993)

Hellworld (1993)

Twilight of the Empire (omnibus) (1997)

Deathstalker Prelude (omnibus) (1998)


Deathstalker (1995)

The Man Who Had Everything (2002)

Deathstalker Rebellion (1996)

Friends, Enemies and Allies (2002)

Deathstalker War (1997)

Under the Ashes, the City (2002)

Deathstalker Honour (1998)

Deathstalker Destiny (1999)

Deathstalker Omnibus: Volume 1 (omnibus) (2008)

Deathstalker Omnibus: Volume 2 (omnibus) (2008)

Deathstalker Omnibus: Volume 3 (omnibus) (2009)

Deathstalker Legacy

Deathstalker Legacy (2002)

Deathstalker Return (2004)

Deathstalker Coda (2005)


Something from the Nightside (2003)

Agents of Light and Darkness (2003)

Nightingale's Lament (2004)

Hex and the City (2005)

Paths Not Taken (2005)

Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth (2006)

Hell to Pay (2006)

The Unnatural Inquirer (2008)

Just Another Judgement Day (2008)

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny (2010)

A Hard Day's Knight (2011)

The Bride Wore Black Leather (2012)

A Walk on the Nightside (omnibus) (2006)

How Do You Feel (2012) (in Hex Appeal)

Tales from the Nightside (2015)

Nightside Omnibus

Into the Nightside (2008)

Haunting the Nightside (2008)

The Dark Heart of the Nightside (2008)

Damned If You Do in the Nightside (2010)

Everybody Comes To The Nightside (2004)

Raising Hell in the Nightside (2006)

Secret Histories

The Man With The Golden Torc (2007)

Daemons Are Forever (2007)

The Spy Who Haunted Me (2009)

From Hell with Love (2010)

For Heaven's Eyes Only (2011)

Live and Let Drood (2012)

Casino Infernale (2013)

Property of a Lady Faire (2014)

From a Drood to A Kill (2015)

Dr. Doa (2016)


Ghost of a Chance (2010)

Ghost of a Smile (2011)

Ghost of a Dream (2012)

Spirits from Beyond (2013)

Voices from Beyond (2014)

Forces from Beyond (2015)

Ishmael Jones Mystery

The Dark Side of the Road (2015)

Dead Man Walking (2016)


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Shadows Fall (1994)

Drinking Midnight Wine (2001)


Mean Streets (2009) (with Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson and Thomas E Sniegoski)


Tales of the Hidden World (2014)

Series contributed to

Oz Reimagined

Dorothy Dreams (2013)

Anthologies containing stories by Simon R Green

Dancing with the Dark (1997)

Hex Appeal (2012)

Short stories

Death is a Lady (1997)

How Do You Feel (2012)

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