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       aka Eve Lang, Ruth Ryan Langan, R C Ryan
       New York Times best-selling author Ruth Ryan Langan has written 90 novels, both contemporary and historical.

       Ruth has appeared on Good Morning America, and CNN, as well as dozens of radio and TV shows across the country, and has been quoted in such diverse publications as The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and the Detroit Free Press.

       Ruth is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, as well as a member of the Detroit Women Writers.



Texas Heart (1989)

Texas Healer (1992)

Texas Hero (1993)


Highland Barbarian (1990)

Highland Heather (1991)

Highland Fire (1991)

Highland Heart (1992)

The Highlander (1994)

Highland Heaven (1995)

Jewels of Texas

Diamond (1996)

Pearl (1996)

Jade (1997)

Ruby (1997)

Malachite (1998)

O'Neil Saga

Rory (1999)

Conor (1999)

Briana (1999)

Wildes of Wyoming

Chance (2000)

Hazard (2000)

Ace (2000)

Sirens of the Sea

The Sea Witch (2000)

The Sea Nymph (2001)

The Sea Sprite (2001)

Lassiter Law

By Honor Bound (2001)

Return of the Prodigal Son (2002)

Banning's Woman (2002)

His Father's Son (2002)

Sullivan Sisters

Awakening Alex (2001)

Loving Lizbeth (2001)

Seducing Celeste (2001)


Badlands Law (2002)

Badlands Legend (2002)

Badlands Heart (2002)

Mystical Highlands

Highland Sword (2003)

The Betrayal (2003)

The Knight and the Seer (2003)

Devil's Cove

Cover-Up (2004)

Wanted (2004)

Vendetta (2004)

Retribution (2004)


Moon Shadows (2004) (with Jill Gregory, Nora Roberts and Marianne Willman)


Just Like Yesterday (1981)

Hidden Isle (1983)

Beloved Gambler (1983)

No Gentle Love (1984)

Eden Temptation (1984)

Nevada Nights (1985)

This Time Forever (1985)

Star-crossed (1985)

Family Secrets (1985)

Mysteries of the Heart (1986)

Whims of Fate (1986)

The Proper Miss Porter (1987)

Mistress of the Seas (1988)

Christmas Miracle (1992)

Deception (1993)

Christmas Miracles (1994)

The Courtship of Izzy McCree (1998)

Blackthorne (1998)

Highland Christmas (2012)

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