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       Russell Hoban is the author of many extraordinary novels including TURTLE DIARY, THE LION OF BOAZ-JACHIN AND JACHIN-BOAZ, KLEINZEIT, PILGERMANN, ANGELICA'S GROTTO and AMARYLLIS NIGHT AND DAY, and THE BAT TATTOO, all available from Bloomsbury. He has also written some classic books for children including THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD and THE FRANCES books. He lives in London.



The Mouse and His Child (1967)

The Pedalling Man (1970)

Lion of the Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (1973) Download

Kleinzeit (1974)

Turtle Diary (1975)

A Birthday for Frances (1977)

Riddley Walker (1980) Download

Arthur's Funny Money (1981) (with Lillian Hoban)

The Battle of Zormla (1982)

Pilgermann (1983)

The Medusa Frequency (1987)

The Moment Under the Moment (1992)

Fremder (1996)

The Trokeville Way (1996)

Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer (1998)

Posterille Way (1998)

Angelica's Grotto (1999)

Silly Sam (2000)

Amaryllis Night and Day (2001)

The Bat Tattoo (2002)

Her Name Was Lola (2003)

Come Dance with Me (2005)

Linger Awhile (2006)

My Tango With Barbara Strozzi (2007)

Angelica Lost and Found (2010)

Soonchild (2012)

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