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       Robert McCammon is the award-winning author of 14 novels and numerous short stories. In the 1980s, McCammon's horror novels were among the most popular published, including such bestsellers as Swan Song, They Thirst, and Stinger. In the 1990s, McCammon's work turned toward the mainstream, with such novels as the phenomenal Boy's Life, MINE, and Gone South. After a hiatus during the 1990s, McCammon returned to publishing with the award-winning historical fiction novel Speaks the Nightbird in 2002.



Baal (1978) Download

Bethany's Sin (1980)

The Night Boat (1980) Download

They Thirst (1981)

Mystery Walk (1983)

Usher's Passing (1984)

Swan Song (1987) Download

Stinger (1988) Download

Mine (1990)

Boy's Life (1991) Download

Gone South (1992)

The Five (2011)

I Travel by Night (2013)

Michael Gallatin

The Wolf's Hour (1989)

The Hunter from the Woods (2011)

Matthew Corbett

Speaks the Nightbird (2002)

The Queen of Bedlam (2007)

Mister Slaughter (2010)

The Providence Rider (2013)

The River of Souls (2014)

Speaks the Nightbird

Judgment of the Witch (2003)

Evil Unveiled (2003)

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