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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Reagan O'Neal, Jackson O'Reilly.
       Robert Jordan was born in 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina, in a house built in 1797. He taught himself to read when he was four with the incidental aid of a twelve-years-older brother, and was tackling Mark Twain and Jules Verne by five. He is a graduate of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in physics. He served two tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Army; among his decorations are the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star with "V", and two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry.
       Sadly, Robert Jordan, aged 58, died on the 16th September 2007.


Wheel of Time

Ravens Prologue (2001) Download

The Eye of the World (1990) Download

The Great Hunt (1990) Download

The Dragon Reborn (1991) Download

The Shadow Rising (1992) Download

The Fires of Heaven (1993) Download

Lord of Chaos (1994) Download

A Crown of Swords (1996) Download

The Path of Daggers (1998) Download

Winter's Heart (2000)

Crossroads of Twilight (2002) Download

Knife of Dreams (2005)

The Gathering Storm (2009) (with Brandon Sanderson)

Towers of Midnight (2010) (with Brandon Sanderson)

A Memory of Light (2013) (with Brandon Sanderson)

The World of Robert Jordan’s - Guide to the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan & Teresa Patterson Download

Fallon (as by Reagan O'Neal)

The Fallon Blood (1995)

The Fallon Pride (1981)

The Fallon Legacy (1982)

Eye of the World

From the Two Rivers (2002)

To the Blight (2002)

Great Hunt

The Hunt Begins (2004)

New Threads In The Pattern (2004)

Series contributed to


Conan the Invincible (1982)

Conan the Defender (1982)

Conan the Unconquered (1983)

Conan the Triumphant (1983)

Conan the Magnificent (1984)

King of Thieves (1984)

Conan the Destroyer (1984)

Conan the Victorious (1984)

American Indians (as by Jackson O'Reilly)

Cheyenne Raiders (1982)

Adventures of Conan

The New Adventures of Conan (1985)

The Conan Chronicles (1995)

The Conan Chronicles II (1997)

The Further Chronicles of Conan (1999)

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