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       Franklin Robert Adams (August 31, 1933 - January 4, 1990) was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, formerly a career soldier. He is best known for his "Horseclans" books. He wrote as Robert Adams, an abbreviated form of his full name.

        Adams was an early pioneer of the post-holocaust novel. His Horseclans novels are precursors to many of today's attempts at this type of story, many of which do not exhibit his painstakingly detailed world view or extraordinary plot follow-through (many of his Horseclans books are so interlinked that they make sense only when read in order; he did not create many "stand alone" books in the series).

        Hallmarks of Adams' style include a focus on violent, non-stop action, meticulous detail in matters historical and military, strong description, and digressions expounding on various subjects from a conservative and libertarian viewpoint.



DownloadThe Coming of the Horseclans (1975)

Swords of the Horseclans (1977)

Revenge of the Horseclans (1977)

A Cat of Silvery Hue (1979)

The Savage Mountains (1980)

The Patrimony (1980)

Horseclans Odyssey (1981)

The Death of a Legend (1981)

The Witch Goddess (1982)

Bili the Axe (1983)

Champion of the Last Battle (1983)

A Woman of the Horseclans (1983)

Horses of the North (1985)

A Man Called Milo Morai (1986)

The Memories of Milo Morai (1986)

Trumpets of War (1987)

Madman's Army (1987)

The Clan of the Cats (1988)

Castaways in Time

Castaways in Time (1979)

The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland (1985)

Of Kings and Quests (1986)

Of Chiefs and Champions (1987)

Of Myths and Monsters (1988)

Of Beginnings and Endings (1989)

Stairway to Forever

The Stairway to Forever (1988)

Monsters and Magicians (1989)

Guideposts to Danger (1990)


Friends of the Horseclans II (1989)

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