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       Rex Stout was the creator Nero Wolfe, one of the most popular detectives ever.


Nero Wolfe

Fer-De-Lance (1934) aka Meet Nero Wolfe

The League of Frightened Men (1935)

The Rubber Band (1936) aka To Kill Again Download

The Red Box (1937) aka Case of the Red Box Download

Too Many Cooks (1938)

Some Buried Caesar (1939) aka The Red Bull Download

Over My Dead Body (1939)

Where There's a Will (1940)

Black Orchids (1942)

Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)

The Silent Speaker (1946)

Too Many Women (1947) Download

And Be a Villain (1948) aka More Deaths Than One

Trouble in Triplicate (1949)

The Second Confession (1949)

Even in the Best Families (1950) aka In the Best Families Download

Three Doors to Death (1950) aka Door to Death

Curtains for Three (1950)

Murder By the Book (1951)

Prisoner's Base (1952) aka Out She Goes

Triple Jeopardy (1952)

The Golden Spiders (1953)

The Black Mountain (1954)

Three Men Out (1954)

Before Midnight (1955)

Might As Well Be Dead (1956)

Three Witnesses (1956)

If Death Ever Slept (1957)

Three for the Chair (1957)

And Four to Go (1958) aka Crime And Again

Champagne for One (1958) Download

Plot It Yourself (1959) aka Murder in Style

Too Many Clients (1960)

The Final Deduction (1961)

Homicide Trinity (1962) Download

Gambit (1962)

The Mother Hunt (1963)

Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)

A Right to Die (1964)

The Doorbell Rang (1965)

Death of a Doxy (1966) Download

The Father Hunt (1968)

Death of a Dude (1969)

Please Pass the Guilt (1973)

A Family Affair (1975) Download

Death Times Three (1985)

Theodolinda Dol Bonner

The Hand in the Glove (1937) aka Crime On Her Hands

Tecumseh Fox

Double for Death (1939)

Bad for Business (1940)

The Broken Vase (1941)

Alphabet Hicks

Alphabet Hicks (1941) aka The Sound of Murder


Her Forbidden Knight (1913)

A Prize for Princes (1914)

Under the Andes (1914) Download

The Great Legend (1916)

How Like a God (1929)

Seed On the Wind (1930)

Golden Remedy (1931)

Forest Fire (1933)

The President Vanishes (1934)

O Careless Love! (1935)

Mr. Cinderella (1938)

The Mountain Cat (1939) aka The Mountain Cat Murders

Red Threads (1939)

Eeny Meeny Murder Mo (1999)

Short stories

Their Lady (1912)

Excess Baggage (1912)

The Infernal Feminine (1912)

The Paisley (1912)

Billy Du Mont, Reporter (1912)

A Professional Recall (1912)

Barnacles (1913)

Pamfret and Peace (1913)

A Companion of Fortune (1913)

A White Precipitate (1913)

The Pickled Picnic (1913)

The Mother of Invention (1913) Download

Méthode Américaine (1913)

A Tyrant Abdicates (1914) Download

The Pay-Yeoman (1914) Download

Secrets (1914)

Rose Orchid (as by Evans Day) (1914) Download

An Agacella Or (1914) Download

The Inevitable Third (as by Evans Day) (1914)

Out of the Line (1914)

The Lie (1914)

Target Practise [sic] (1914)

If He Be Married (1915)

Baba (1915)

Warner & Wife (1915)

A Little Love Affair (1915)

Art for Art's Sake (1915)

Another Little Love Affair (1915)

Jonathan Stannard's Secret Vice (1915) Download

Sanétomo (1915)

The Strong Man (1915)

Justice Ends at Home (1915)

Two Kisses (1916)

Ask the Egyptians (1916)

This Is My Wife (1916)

Second Edition (1916)

It's Science That Counts (1916)

The Rope Dance (1916)

It Happened Last Night (1917)

An Officer and a Lady (1917) Download

Heels of Fate (1917)

Old Fools and Young (1918)

A Good Character for a Novel (1936)

Tough Cop's Gift (1953)

His Own Hand (1955)

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