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       Raymond Thornton Chandler was an American author of crime stories and novels of immense stylistic influence upon modern crime fiction, especially in the style of the writing and the attitudes now characteristic of the genre. His protagonist, Philip Marlowe, is synonymous with "private detective," along with Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade.


Philip Marlowe

The Big Sleep (1939) Download

Farewell, My Lovely (1940) Download

The High Window (1942) Download

The Lady in the Lake (1943) Download

The Little Sister (1949) Download

The Long Goodbye (1953) Download

Playback (1958) Download

Poodle Springs (1989) (with Robert B Parker)

The Simple Art of Murder (1950) Download


Trouble Is My Business (1939) Download

Five Murders (1944)

Five Sinister Characters (1945)

The Finger Man (1946)

Spanish Blood (1946)

Pearls Are a Nuisance (1953)

Smart-Aleck Kill (1953)

Killer in the Rain (1964)

The Smell of Fear (1965)

The Notebooks of Raymond Chandler (1976)

Non fiction

The Raymond Chandler Papers: Selected Letters and Nonfiction, 1909-1959 (1969)

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