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U name it, V deliver it   
       A pseudonym used by Helen Conrad
       Raye Morgan grew up in Holland, Guam and California, and spent a few years in Washington, D.C., as well. She lives in the Los Angeles area now with her geologist/computer scientist husband and the two of her four sons who still live at home.

"Having the boys around helps keep me up on the current trends," she says with a laugh. "But writing helps keep me in touch with the romance that weaves through the everyday lives we all live."


Mini Stories

Blackmailed by the Boss


Crystal Blue Horizon (1984)

A Lucky Streak (1987)


Husband for Hire (1988)

Ladies' Man (1990)

Caine Family

Sorry, the Bride Has Escaped (1994)

Babies on the Doorstep (1994)

The Daddy Due Date (1994)

Yesterday's Outlaw (1994)

Baby Shower

Instant Dad (1996)

A Gift for Baby (1996)

Baby Dreams (1996)

Babies by the Busload (1996)

Destiny Bay

Promoted-To Wife! (2000)

Catching the Crown

Jack and the Princess (2003)

Betrothed to the Prince (2003)

Royal Nights (2003)

Counterfeit Princess (2003)

Boardroom Brides

The Boss, the Baby and Me (2005)

Trading Places with the Boss (2005)

The Boss's Special Delivery (2005)

Lost Princes of Ambria

Single Father, Surprise Prince! (2006) aka Bride By Royal Appointment

Secret Prince, Instant Daddy! (2010)

Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride! (2011)

The Reluctant Princess (2012)

Pregnant with the Prince's Child (2012)

Taming the Lost Prince (2012)

Royals of Montenevada

The Prince's Secret Bride (2008)

Abby & the Playboy Prince (2008) aka Abby and the Playboy Prince

Found: His Royal Baby (2008)

Single Mom Diaries

A Daddy for Her Sons (2013)

Marriage for Her Baby (2013)


Embers of the Sun (1983)

Summer Wind (1983)

Roses Never Fade (1986)

Too Many Babies (1989)

In a Marrying Mood (1991)

Baby Aboard (1991)

Caution: Charm at Work (1993)

Wife by Contract (1997)

The Hand-picked Bride (1997)

Secret Dad (1999)

The Boss's Baby Mistake (2001)

Working Overtime (2001)

A Little Moonlighting (2002)

The Boss's Pregnancy Proposal (2006)

The Heir's Proposal (2013)

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