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       Rachel Lee is a pseudonym used by Sue Civil-Brown. Appropriately enough, Rachel Lee's life reads like a novel. Name a part of America and the odds are she has resided there -- from the frozen North (Michigan) to the deep South (Florida), from the low-lying hills of the old West (Texas) to the heights of the Rockies (Colorado), and all three coasts of the contiguous United States.

She can also recite a string of occupations to go with her travels: selling houses on top of mountains, acting as a security specialist to the U.S. Department of Defense, programming computers, working as an optician and more. However, it seems she was merely gathering experiences for her true calling: writing. "I've been writing since I was eight -- it all started with a grade-three school play -- but it's only since 1990 that I've been able to do it full-time. It's a dream come true, every single minute of it."


Conard County

Exile's End (1992)

Cherokee Thunder (1992)

Miss Emmaline and the Archangel (1993) Download

Ironheart (1993) PDF HTML

Lost Warriors (1993) Download

Point of No Return (1994)

Thunder Mountain (1994)

A Question of Justice (1994)

A Conrad County Reckoning (1996)

Nighthawk (1997)

Cowboy Comes Home (1998)

The Catch of Conard County (1998)

Boots and Badges (1999)

Involuntary Daddy (1999)

The Dream Marine (2002) (in The Heart's Command)

I'll Be Home (2004) (in A Soldier's Christmas)

A Soldier for All Seasons (2007) (in Holiday Heroes)

A Soldier's Homecoming (2008)

Protector Of One (2009)

The Unexpected Hero (2009)

The Man from Nowhere (2010)


Shadows of Myth (2005) Download

Shadows Of Prophecy (2006) Download

Shadows of Destiny (2007)

Office 119

Wildcard (2005) Download

The Crimson Code (2006)

The Jericho Pact (2007)

Conard County: The Next Generation

Her Hero in Hiding (2010)

A Soldier's Redemption (2010)

No Ordinary Hero (2011)

The Final Mission (2011)

Just a Cowboy (2011)

The Rescue Pilot (2011)

Guardian in Disguise (2012)

The Widow's Protector (2012)

Rancher's Deadly Risk (2012)

What She Saw (2013)

Rocky Mountain Lawman (2013)

Killer's Prey (2013)

Reuniting with the Rancher (2014)


Claim the Night (2011)

Claimed by a Vampire (2012)

Forever Claimed (2012)

Claimed by the Immortal (2013)

Angels Next Door

Evensong (2013)


Serious Risks Download

An Officer and a Gentleman (1991)

Sins of the Past (1996)

A Fateful Choice (1996)

Caught (1997)

Before I Sleep (1999)

After I Dream (2000)

Snow in September (2000)

When I Wake (2000)

A January Chill (2001) Download

Under Suspicion (2001)

July Thunder (2002)

With Malice (2003)

In the Arms of a Stranger (2003)

Millionaire to Marry (2003)

Last Breath (2003)

Something Deadly (2004)

Breaking Through (2004) (with Dallas Schulze)

The Hunted (2008)

Thanksgiving Daddy (2013)

Deadly Hunter (2014)

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