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       Brian Wilson Aldiss, OBE is an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for science fiction novels and short stories. His byline reads either Brian W. Aldiss or simply Brian Aldiss, except for occasional pseudonyms during the mid-1960s. Greatly influenced by science fiction pioneer H. G. Wells, Aldiss is a vice-president of the international H. G. Wells Society. He is also (with the late Harry Harrison) co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. Aldiss was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America in 2000 and inducted by the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2004. He has received two Hugo Awards, one Nebula Award, and one John W. Campbell Memorial Award. His influential works include the short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long", the basis for the Stanley Kubrick-developed Steven Spielberg film A.I. Artificial Intelligence.


Horatio Stubbs

The Hand-Reared Boy (1970)

A Soldier Erect (1971)

A Rude Awakening (1978)

Squire Quartet

Life in the West (1980)

Forgotten Life (1988)

Remembrance Day (1993)

Somewhere East of Life (1994)

Helliconia Trilogy

Helliconia Spring (1982)

Helliconia Summer (1983)

Helliconia Winter (1985)


Starswarm (1954)

The Brightfount Diaries (1955)

Non-Stop (1958)

Starship (1958)

No Time Like Tomorrow (1959)

Vanguard from Alpha (1959)

Bow Down to Nul (1960) aka The Interpreter

The Long Afternoon of Earth (1961)

The Male Response (1961)

The Primal Urge (1961)

Hothouse (1962)

The Dark Light Years (1964)

Greybeard (1964)

Earthworks (1965)

Cryptozoic! (1967) aka An Age

Report on Probability A (1968)

Barefoot in the Head (1969)

Neanderthal Planet (1969)

Frankenstein Unbound (1973)

The Eighty-minute Hour (1974)

The Malacia Tapestry (1976)

Enemies of the System: A Tale of Homo Uniformis (1978)

Moreau's Other Island (1980)

An Island Called Moreau (1981)

Ruins (1986)

Tales from the Planet Earth: A Novel with Nineteen Authors (1986) (with Lino Aldani, Karl-Michael Armer, Jon Bing, Andre Carneiro, A Bertram Chandler, Ljuben Dilov, Tong Enzheng, Carlos Maria Federici, Harry Harrison, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Sam J Lundwall, Joseph Nesvadba, Frederik Pohl, Spider Robinson, Tetsu Yano, Ye Yonglie and Janusz A Zajdel)

The Year before Yesterday (1987)

Cracken at Critical (1987)

Sex and the Black Machine (1988)

Dracula Unbound (1990)

White Mars (1999) (with Roger Penrose) aka The Mind Set Free: A 21st-Century Utopia

Cretan Teat (2001)

Super-State (2002)

Affairs at Hampden Ferrers (2004)

Jocasta: Wife And Mother (2004)

Sanity and the Lady (2005)

HARM (2007)

Walcot (2009)

Finches of Mars (2012)

Comfort Zone (2013)


Space, Time and Nathaniel (1957)

But Who Can Replace Man? (1958)

Galaxies Like Grains of Sand (1959) aka The Canopy of Time

The Airs of Earth (1963)

Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian Aldiss (1965)

The Saliva Tree: And Other Strange Growths (1966)

Who Can Replace a Man? (1966)

The Inner Landscape (1969) (with J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)

Intangibles Inc.: And Other Stories (1969)

The Moment of Eclipse (1970)

Comic Inferno (1972) aka The Book of Brian Aldiss

Equator: Best Fantasy Stories (1973)

Brothers of the head: And, Where the lines converge (1977)

Last Orders: And other stories (1977)

New Arrivals, Old Encounters (1979)

Pile: Petals from St. Klaed's Computer (poems) (1979)

Foreign bodies: Stories (1981)

Farewell to a Child (poems) (1983)

Seasons in Flight (1984)

A Tupolev Too Far (1986)

The Magic of the Past (1987)

Best SF Stories of Brian W Aldiss (1988)

Science Fiction Blues (1988)

Man in His Time: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss (1989)

At the Caligula Hotel: And other poems (poems) (1995)

The Secret of This Book (1995) aka Common Clay

Supertoys Last All Summer Long: And Other Stories of Future Time (2001)

The Dark Sun Rises (2002)

Cultural Breaks (2005)

A Prehistory of Mind (poems) (2008)

Mortal Morning (poems) (2011)

Lemistry: A Celebration of the Work of Stanislav Lem (2011) (with Annie Clarkson, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Jacek Dukaj, Trevor Hoyle, Stanislaw Lem, Toby Litt, Adam Marek, Wojciech Orlinski and Piotr Szulkin)

50 x 50: The mini-sagas (2012)

The Complete Short Stories: Volume One: The 1950s (2013)

The Invention of Happiness (2013)

The Zodiacal Planet Galaxy (2013)

Four For Fantasy (2013) (with Joanne Harris, Joe Hill and Richard Christian Matheson)

The Complete Short Stories: Volume Two: The 1960s (2014)

Supertoys Trilogy (2014)

Songs from the Steppes (poems) (2014)

The Complete Short Stories: Volume Four: The 1980s (2015)

The Complete Short Stories: Volume Three: The 1970s (2015)

Short stories

Danger: Religion! (with Anonymous, J G Ballard and Mervyn Peake)



There is a Tide (1956)

Equator [short story] (1958)

Intangibles Inc. [short story] (1959)

Man in His Time [short story] (1965)

The Saliva Tree [short story] (1965)

The Circulation of the Blood... (1966)

Non fiction

Cities and Stones: A traveller's Jugoslavia (1966)

The shape of further things: speculations on change (1970)

Billion Year Spree: The True History of Science Fiction (1973)

Hell's Cartographers: Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers (1975)

Science Fiction Art (1975)

This World and Nearer Ones: essays exploring the familiar (1979)

Science Fiction as Science Fiction (1979)

Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction (1986) (with David Wingrove)

And the Lurid Glare of the Comet: Articles and Autobiography (1986)

The Pale Shadow of Science (1986)

The Detached Retina: Aspects of SF and Fantasy (1988)

Bury My Heart at W.H. Smith's: A Writing Life (1990)

Home Life with Cats (1992)

When The Feast is Finished: Reflections on Terminal Illness (1994) (with Margaret Aldiss)

Songs from the Steppes of Central Asia Selected Poems of Makhtumkuli (1995)

The Twinkling of an Eye or My Life as an Englishman: Autobiography (1998)

Art After Apogee The Relationships Between an Idea, a Story, and Painting (2000)

Plutonian Monologue On His Wife's Death (2000)

The Starry Messenger: Visions of the Universe (2006)

An Exile on Planet Earth: Articles and Reflections (2012)

Collected Essays (2013)

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