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       R L Stine is the best-selling children's author in history. He began his writing career at the age of nine, writing short stories, joke books, and comic books for his friends. He has been at it ever since. A graduate of Ohio State University, Mr. Stine served as editor-in-chief of Bananas, a humor magazine for children, before teaming up with Parachute Press to create Fear Street, the first young adult horror series. After the enormous success of Fear Street, Stine and Parachute went on to launch Goosebumps, the best-selling book series that made Stine an international celebrity and the #1 best-selling author in America for several years.His latest projects include The Nightmare Room book series, TV show, and videos/DVDs; and his brand-new hardcover book, Beware!.

R. L. Stine lives in Manhattan with his wife, their teenage son, Matt, and their dog, Nadine.



Welcome to Dead House (1992) Download

Stay Out of the Basement (1992) Download

Monster Blood (1992) (with Elizabeth Winfrey) Download

Say Cheese and Die! (1992) Download

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1993) Download

Let's Get Invisible (1993)

Night of the Living Dummy (1993)

The Girl Who Cried Monster (1993)

Welcome to Camp Nightmare (1993)

The Ghost Next Door (1993)

The Haunted Mask (1994)

Be Careful What You Wish for (1993)

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (1993)

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (1993)

You Can't Scare Me! (1994)

One Day at Horrorland (1995)

Why I'm Afraid of Bees (1994)

Monster Blood II (1994)

Deep Trouble (1994)

The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight (1994)

Go Eat Worms (1994)

Ghost Beach (1994) (with Carol Ellis)

Return of the Mummy (1994)

Phantom of the Auditorium (1994)

Attack of the Mutant (1994)

My Hairiest Adventure (1995)

A Night in Terror Tower (1995)

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (1995)

Monster Blood III (1995)

It Came from Beneath the Sink! (1995)

Night of the Living Dummy II (1995) (with Carol Ellis)

The Barking Ghost (1995)

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam (1995)

Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes (1995)

A Shocker on Shock Street (1995)

The Haunted Mask II (1995)

Abominable Snowman of Pasadena (1995)

The Headless Ghost (1995) (with Carol Ellis)

How I Got My Shrunken Head (1996)

Night of the Living Dummy III (1996)

Bad Hare Day (1996) (with Carol Ellis)

Egg Monsters from Mars (1996)

The Beast from the East (1996)

Say Cheese and Die - Again! (1996)

Ghost Camp (1996)

How to Kill a Monster (1996)

Legend of the Lost Legend (1996)

Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns (1996) (with Carol Ellis)

Vampire Breath (1996)

Calling All Creeps! (1996) (with Carla Jablonski)

Beware, the Snowman (1997)

How I Learned to Fly (1997)

Chicken, Chicken (1997)

Don't Go to Sleep! (1997)

Blob That Ate Everyone (1997)

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake (1997)

My Best Friend Is Invisible (1997)

Deep Trouble II (1997)

The Haunted School (1997)

Werewolf Skin (1997)

I Live in Your Basement (1997)

Monster Blood IV (1997)

Fear Street

The New Girl (1989)

Missing (1990)

The Wrong Number (1990)

Ski Weekend (1991)

The Fire Game (1991)

Lights Out (1991)

The Stepsister (1990)

Broken Date (1988)

The Secret Bedroom (1991)

The Knife (1992)

The Prom Queen (1992)

First Date (1992)

Haunted (1990)

The Best Friend (1992)

The Sleepwalker (1990)

The Overnight (1989)

The Cheater (1993)

Halloween Party (1990)

Sunburn (1993)

The Surprise Party (1989)

The New Boy (1994)

The Dare (1994)

Bad Dreams (1994)

Double Date (1994)

The Thrill Club (1994)

One Evil Summer (1994)

The Mind Reader (1994)

Wrong Number 2 (1995)

Truth or Dare (1995)

Dead End (1995)

Final Grade (1995)

Switched (1995)

College Weekend (1995)

The Stepsister 2 (1995)

What Holly Heard (1995)

The Face (1996)

Secret Admirer (1996)

The Perfect Date (1996)

The Confession (1996)

The Boy Next Door (1996)

Night Games (1996)

Killer's Kiss (1997)

The Runaway (1997)

All-Night Party (1997)

The Rich Girl (1997)

Cat (1996)

Midnight Diary (1997)

Who Killed the Homecoming Queen? (1997)

Best Friend 2 (1997)

Into the Dark (1997)

Trapped (1997)

The Stepbrother (1998)

Let's All Kill Jennifer (1998)

Camp Out (1998)

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