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       Raphael Aloysius Lafferty was an American science fiction and fantasy writer known for his original use of language, metaphor, and narrative structure, as well as for his etymological wit. He also wrote a set of four autobiographical novels, In a Green Tree; a history book, The Fall of Rome; and a number of novels that could be more or less loosely called historical fiction.



Past Master (1968) Download

The Reefs of Earth (1968) Download

Space Chantey (1968)

Fourth Mansions (1969) Download

Arrive at Easterwine: The Autobiography of a Ktistec Machine (1971)

Not to Mention Camels (1972) Download

Aurelia (1983)

Annals of Klepsis (1983)

Serpent's Egg (1987)

Sinbad: The Thirteenth Voyage (1989)

The Elliptical Grave (1989) Download

Okla Hannali (1991)

Tales of Midnight (1992)

Iron Tears (1992)

Devil Is Dead

Archipelago (1979)

The Devil Is Dead (1971)

More Than Melchisedech (1984) Download


The Flame Is Green (1985)

Half a Sky (1984)

Short Stories

Stories Download

Non fiction

Tales of Chicago (1992)

It's Down the Slippery Cellar Stairs (1995)

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