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       Poppy Z. Brite (born Melissa Ann Brite on May 25, 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American author. Early in Brite's career, she was best known for writing gothic and horror novels and short stories. Her trademarks have included using gay men as main characters, graphic sexual descriptions in the works, and an often wry treatment of gruesome events.



Lost Souls (1992) Download

Drawing Blood (1993) Download

Exquisite Corpse (1996)

Seed of Lost Souls: The Complete Story (1999)

Plastic Jesus (2000)

Guilty But Insane (2001)

Triads (2004) (with Christa Faust)

John Rickey and Gary 'G-man' Stubbs

The Value of X (2003)

Liquor (2004)

Prime (2005)

Soul Kitchen (2006)

D*u*c*k (2007)

Non fiction

Courtney Love: The Real Story (1997)

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