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       Philip Reeve (born 1966 in Brighton) is a bestselling British author and illustrator. He presently lives on Dartmoor with his wife Sarah and his son Samuel.


Predator Cities

Mortal Engines (2001)

Predator's Gold (2003)

Infernal Devices (2005)

A Darkling Plain (2006)

Buster Bayliss

Night of the Living Veg (2002)

The Big Freeze (2002)

Day of the Hamster (2002)

Custardfinger (2003)


Larklight (2006)

Starcross (2007)

Mothstorm (2008)

Fever Crumb

Fever Crumb (2009)

A Web of Air (2010)

Scrivener's Moon (2011)


Goblins (2012)

Goblins Vs Dwarves (2013)

Goblin Quest (2014)


Traction City (2011)


Here Lies Arthur (2007)

No Such Thing As Dragons (2009)

Oliver and the Seawigs (2013) (with Sarah McIntyre)

Cakes in Space (2014)

Pugs of the Frozen North (2015)

Railhead (2015)

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