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       Peter S. Beagle is the author of numerous books, including A Fine and Private Place, The Last Unicorn, and Tamsin, and the screenplays for the animated versions of The Last Unicorn and The Lord of the Rings. His story "Two Hearts" won the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and he is a multiple winner ofboth the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and the Locus Award. His classic story "Come Lady Death" first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly and has now been elected to the Fantasy Hall of Fame. He lives in Oakland, California.



A Fine and Private Place (1960) HTML

The Last Unicorn (1968) TXT

The Folk of the Air (1986)

The Innkeeper's Song (1993) HTML

The Unicorn Sonata (1996)

Tamsin (1999) TXT

I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons (2007)

Sweet Lightning (2008)


Lila, the Werewolf (1974)

Gordon the Self-Made Cat (2006)

The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version (2007)

Return (2010)

Two Hearts (2011)


A Dance for Emilia (2000)


The Line Between (2006) HTML

Non fiction

I See By My Outfit (1965)

The California Feeling (1969)

American Denim (1975)

The Lady and Her Tiger (1976) (with Pat Derby)

The Garden of Earthly Delights (1982)

In the Presence of Elephants (1995)

Something to Be Learned (2006)

Short stories

Come, Lady Death (1963)

Farrell and Lila the Werewolf (1969)

Lila the Werewolf (1969)

Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros (1995)

The Last Song of Sirit Byar (1996)

The Magician of Karakosk (1996)

El Regalo (2007)

Four Fables

Mr Sigerson


Salt Wine

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