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       Paul Kearney was born and grew up in Northern Ireland. He lived for some years in Copenhagen, then spent two years in America before returning to Britain in 1998.


Monarchies of God

Hawkwood's Voyage (1995)

The Heretic Kings (1996)

The Iron Wars (1999)

The Second Empire (2000)

Ships From the West (2000)

Sea Beggars

The Mark of Ran (2004) HTML

This Forsaken Earth (2006) HTML


The Ten Thousand (2008)

Corvus (2010)

The Kings of Morning (2011)

Monarchies of God Omnibus

Hawkwood and the Kings (2010)

Century of the Soldier (2010)

Dark Hunters

Umbra Sumus (2015)


The Way to Babylon (1992)

A Different Kingdom (1993)

Riding the Unicorn (1994)

Spartacus Morituri (2012)

Johnny Fortycloaks (2013)

The Wolf in the Attic (2016)

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