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       Patricia McKillip is the World Fantasy Award- winning author of a number of highly-acclaimed fantasy novels, including the Riddlemaster Trilogy.


Quest of the Riddle-Master

The Riddle-Master of Hed (1976) Download

Heir of Sea and Fire (1977) Download

Harpist in the Wind (1979) Download


Moon-Flash (1984)

The Moon and the Face (1985)


The Sorceress and the Cygnet (1991)

The Cygnet and the Firebird (1993)

Winter Rose

Winter Rose (1996) HTML

Solstice Wood (2006) HTML DOC


The Throme of the Erril of Sherrill (1973)


The House on Parchment Street (1973)

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (1974) DOC

The Night Gift (1976)

Stepping from the Shadows (1982)

Fool's Run (1987)

The Changeling Sea (1988)

The Book of Atrix Wolfe (1995)

Song for the Basilisk (1998)

The Tower at Stony Wood (2000)

Ombria in Shadow (2002)

In the Forests of Serre (2003)

Alphabet of Thorn (2004) HTML

Od Magic (2005) HTML

The Bell at Sealey Head (2008)

The Bards of Bone Plain (2010)


The Gorgon in the Cupboard (2004)

Wonders of the Invisible World (2012)


To Weave a Web of Magic (2004) (with Claire Delacroix, Lynn Kurland and Sharon Shinn)

Harrowing the Dragon (2005)

Dreams of Distant Shores (2016)

Short stories

The Harrowing of the Dragon of Hoarsbreath (1982)

The Old Woman and the Storm (1985)

A Doorkeeper of Khaat (1989)

Fortune's Children (1990)

Lady of the Skulls (1993)

The Snow Queen (1993)

Xmas Cruise (1993)

Transmutations (1994)

The Lion and the Lark (1995)

Wonders of the Invisible World (1995)

The Witches of Junket (1996)

Oak Hill (1998)

A Gift to Be Simple (1999)

Toad (1999)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses (2000)

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