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       Born in Kansas, Pat Cadigan has for many years been a visitor lecturing on creative writing and the genre at British universities. She has been twice the winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award. She is married with one son.


Artificial Reality Division

Tea from an Empty Cup (1998)

Dervish is Digital (2000) Download


Mindplayers (1987)

Synners (1991)

Home by the Sea (1992)

Fools (1992)

Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (2003)

Cellular (2004)


Death in the Promised Land (2012)

Chalk (2013)

The Christmas Show (2013)

Series contributed to

Lost in Space

Promised Land (1999)

The Vault (1998) (with Gene DeWeese)

Lost in Space: Blueprint (1976)


Avatar (1999)

The Web 2028 (omnibus) (1999) (with Stephen Baxter, Maggie Furey, James Lovegrove and Ken MacLeod)

Twilight Zone

Upgrade / Sensuous Cindy (2004)

Jason X

Jason X (2005)

The Experiment (2005)

Non fiction

The Making of Lost in Space (1998)

Resurrecting The Mummy: The Making of the Movie (1999)

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