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       Bestselling author Pamela Britton blames her zanny sense of humor on the amount of Fruity Pebbles she consumes. Not wanting to actually have to work for a living, Pamela has enjoyed a variety of odd careers such as modeling, working for race teams--including NASCAR's Winston Cup--and drawing horses for a living.



Dangerous Curves (2005)

In the Groove (2006) HTML DOC

On the Edge (2006)

To the Limit (2007)

Total Control (2007)

On The Move (2008)

Slow Burn (2009)

A NASCAR Holiday 2 (2007) (with Ken Casper, Abby Gaines and Gina Wilkins)

This Time, Forever (2010) (with Dorien Kelly)

My Fallen Angel

My Fallen Angel (2000)

Seduced (2003)

Cowboy Lessons

Cowboy Lessons (2003)

Cowboy Trouble (2004)


Tempted (2004)

Scandal (2004)

Extreme Racing

Playboy Prankster (2010)

Burning Rubber (2011)

Cowboys in Uniform

Her Rodeo Hero (2015)


Enchanted by Your Kisses (2001)

Cowboy M.D. (2006)

Cowboy Vet (2006)

The Cowgirl's CEO (2007)

A Cowboy's Pride (2013)

A Cowboy's Christmas Wedding (2013)

A Cowboy's Angel (2014)

Kissed by a Cowboy (2015)

His Rodeo Sweetheart (2016)

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