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       Orson Scott Card is the multi-award winning and bestselling author of a number of ground-breaking SFF novels. Ender's Game is his first Young Adult cross-over novel in the UK. Nobody had ever won the Hugo and Nebula awards for a novel and its sequel, two years in a row, until Orson Scott Card received them for Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, in 1986 and 1987. But Orson Scott Card's experience is not limited to one genre or form of storytelling.

       Born in Richland, Washington, Card grew up in California, Arizona, and Utah. He lived in Brazil for two years as an unpaid missionary for the Mormon Church. He received degrees from Brigham Young University (1975) and the University of Utah (1981). He currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. He and his wife, Kristine, are the parents of five children: Geoffrey, Emily, Charles, Zina Margaret, and Erin Louisa (named for Chaucer, Bronte and Dickinson, Dickens, Mitchell, and Alcott, respectively).


Ender Wiggin

Ender's Game (1985) Download

Speaker for the Dead (1985) Download

Xenocide (1991) Download

Children of the Mind (1996) Download

A War of Gifts (2007)

Ender in Exile (2008)

First Meetings: Four Stories from the Enderverse (2002)

Formic Wars: Burning Earth (2011)

Formic Wars: Silent Strike (2012)

Alvin Maker

Seventh Son (1987) Download

Red Prophet (1988) Download

Prentice Alvin (1989) Download

Alvin Journeyman (1995) Download

Heartfire (1998) Download

The Crystal City (2003)

Hatrack River (1988)

Shadow Saga

Ender's Shadow (1999) Download

Shadow of the Hegemon (2000)

Shadow Puppets (2002)

Shadow of the Giant (2005)

Shadows in Flight (2012)

Worthing Chronicle

Capitol (1979) Download

Hot Sleep (1979)

The Worthing Chronicle (1983)

The Worthing Saga (1990)

Maps in a Mirror

Maps in a Mirror Vol 1 (1990)

The Changed Man (1992)

Flux (1992) Download

Cruel Miracles (1992)

Monkey Sonatas (1993)


The Memory of Earth (1992)

The Call of Earth (1992)

The Ships of Earth (1994)

Earthfall (1995)

Earthborn (1995)

Mayflower (with Kathryn H Kidd)

Lovelock (1994)

Women of Genesis

Sarah (2000)

Rebekah (2001)

Rachel and Leah (2004)


Empire (2006)

Hidden Empire (2009)


Pathfinder (2010)

Ruins (2012)

Visitors (2014)

Mither Mages

The Lost Gate (2011)

The Gate Thief (2013)

First Formic War (with Aaron Johnston)

Earth Unaware (2012)

Earth Afire (2013)

Earth Awakens (2014)

Short Stories

Atlantis (1980) Download

St. Amy's Tale (1980) Download

Heal Thyself (1999) Download

Missed (1999) Download


The Changed Man and the King of Words Download


Songmaster (1978)

A Planet Called Treason (1979) aka Treason

Hart's Hope (1982)

Saints (1984) aka A Woman of Destiny

Wyrms (1987)

The Folk of the Fringe (1989)

The Abyss (1989) (with James Cameron)

Eye for Eye (1990)

Lost Boys (1992)

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus (1996) Download

Treasure Box (1996)

Homebody (1998)

Stone Tables (1998)

Enchantment (1999)

Magic Mirror (1999)

Robota (2003) (with Doug Chiang)

Magic Street (2005)

The Space Boy (2007)

Invasive Procedures (2007) (with Aaron Johnston)

Zanna's Gift: A Life in Christmases (2008) (as by Scott Richards)

Laddertop (2011) (with Emily Janice Card)


Stonefather (2008)

Hamlet's Father (2011)

Short Stories

America (1987)

Grinning Man (1998)

Non fiction

Listen, Mom and Dad (1977)

Saintspeak: The Mormon Dictionary (1981)

Ainge (1982)

How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy: A Bestselling Science Fiction/Fantasy Writer Shares (1984)

Characters and Viewpoint (1988)

A Storyteller in Zion: Essays and Speeches (1993)

How to Write a Million (1995)

Lies to Live By (2005)

Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage, and Starting over in J. J. Abrams' Lost (2006)

The Great Snape Debate (2007) (with Amy Berner and Joyce Millman)

The Authorized Ender Companion (2009) (with Jake Black)

The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction & Fantasy (2010)

Ender's World: Fresh Perspectives on the SF Classic Ender's Game (2013)

Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction (2013)


Unaccompanied Sonata (1980)

Cardography (1987)

Maps in the Mirror (1991)

Turning Hearts (1994)

The Elephants of Posnan (2001)

Angles (2002)

An Open Book (poems) (2003)

Posing as People (2005)

Keeper of Dreams (2008)

Tales of Human Futures

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