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       Nelson DeMille is one of America's most popular and bestselling authors, and a new book from him is a keenly awaited event. A former US Army lieutenant who served in Vietnam, he lives in Long Island, New York.


Paul Brenner

The General's Daughter (1992) Download

Up Country (2002)

John Corey

Plum Island (1997) Download

The Lion's Game (2000)

Night Fall (2004)

Wild Fire (2006)

The Lion (2010)

The Panther (2012)

Joe Ryker (writing as Jack Cannon)

The Sniper (1989)

The Hammer of God (1989)

The Smack Man (1989)

The Cannibal (1989)

Night of the Phoenix (1989)

The Death Squad (1989)

John Sutter

The Gold Coast (1990)

The Gate House (2008)


Hitler's Children (1976) (writing as Kurt Ladner)

Killer Sharks: The Real Story (1977) (writing as Brad Matthews)

By the Rivers of Babylon (1978)

Mayday (1979) (with Thomas H Block)

Cathedral (1981)

The Talbot Odyssey (1984)

A Word of Honor (1985)

The Charm School (1988)

Spencerville (1994)

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