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       aka Nanzi Regalia. Nancy A. Collins is a United States horror fiction writer best known for her series of vampire novels featuring her character Sonja Blue. Collins has also written for comic books, including the Swamp Thing series, Jason Vs. Leatherface, Predator: Hell Come A Walkin and her own one-shot Dhampire: Stillborn.

       Collins was born in McGehee, Arkansas, United States. She lived in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1980s; after time in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia she settled in Wilmington, North Carolina in the late 2000s.


Sonja Blue

Sunglasses after Dark (1989) Download

In The Blood (1992)

Paint It Black (1995)

A Dozen Black Roses (1996)

Darkest Heart (2002)

Dead Roses for a Blue Lady (2002)

Search And Destroy (2011)

Cold Turkey (1992)

Midnight Blue: The Sonja Blue Collection (1995)

Some Velvet Morning (2012)

Vampire King Of The Goth Chicks (2012)


Vamps (2008)

Night Life (2009)

After Dark (2009)


Right Hand Magic (2010)

Left Hand Magic (2011)

Magic and Loss (2013)

Absalom's Wake

Absalom's Wake: Gone a'Whaling (2012)

Blood On The Beach (2012)

Three-The Whale Rider (2013)

Terror Comes Aboard (2013)

Ocean Born (2013)

The Eye Of Tangaroa (2014)


Tempter (1990)

Wild Blood (1993)

Walking Wolf: A Weird Western (1995)

Angels on Fire (1998)


Dhampire: Stillborn (1997)

Lynch: A Gothik Western (1999)

Voodoo Chile (2001)

Angus: Zombie Versus Robot Fighter (2012) (with Chris Ryall and Ashley Woods)

Aphra (2012)

Calaverada (2012)

Demonlover (2012)

Easy's Last Stand (2012)

Furies In Black Leather (2012)

Hell Come Sundown (2012)

The Ice Wedding (2012)

Raymond (2012)

The Reflected Ones (2012)

The Two-Headed Man (2012)

Dancing Nitely (2012)

Heart Of The Dragon (2012)

Iphegenia (2012)

Return To Hell House (2012)

The Love of Monsters (2012)

The One Eyed King (2012)

Cancer Alley (2012)

Charity (2012)

The Pumpkin Child (2012)

Someone's In The Kitchen (2012)

Tender Tigers (2012)

Kitsune (2012)

Population: 666 (2013)

Down In The Hole (2013)

Freak Tent (2013)

The Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Jaw (2013)

Such A Good Baby (2013)

Rounds (2013)

The Serpent Queen (2013)

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