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       New York Times bestselling author Mickey Spillane is one of the most popular authors of all time, with over 140 million copies of his books in print worldwide. Mr Spillane died July 17 2006.


Mike Hammer

I, the Jury (1947)

My Gun Is Quick (1950)

Vengeance Is Mine (1950)

One Lonely Night (1951)

The Big Kill (1951)

Kiss Me Deadly (1952)

The Girl Hunters (1962)

The Snake (1964)

The Twisted Thing (1966)

The Body Lovers (1967)

Survival... Zero (1970) Download

The Killing Man (1989)

Black Alley (1996)

The Goliath Bone (2008) (with Max Allan Collins)

Kiss Her Goodbye (2009) (with Max Allan Collins)

The Big Bang (2010) (with Max Allan Collins)

Lady, Go Die! (2012) (with Max Allan Collins)

Complex 90 (2013) (with Max Allan Collins)

Tiger Mann

The Day of the Guns (1964)

Bloody Sunrise (1965)

The Death Dealers (1965)

The By-Pass Control (1966)


The Long Wait (1951)

The Deep (1961)

The Delta Factor (1968)

The Erection Set (1972)

Last Cop Out (1973)

The Day the Sea Rolled Back (1979)

The Ship That Never Was (1982)

Something's Down There (2003)

Dead Street (2007)

The Consummata (2011) (with Max Allan Collins)

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