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       aka Bill Barclay, Edward P Bradbury, James Colvin. Michael Moorcock is one of Britain's best-known and most respected novelists. Editor of New Worlds on two occasions, he has won the Guardian Fiction Prize for The Condition of Muzak, the fourth Jerry Cornelius novel.He lives in Texas with his wife.


Dancers at the End of Time

An Alien Heat (1972) Download

The Hollow Lands (1974) Download

The End of All Songs (1976) Download

Legends from the End of Time (1976) Download

The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming (1977) aka A Messiah at the End of Time Download

Elric at the End of Time (1985)

Elric Saga

The Stealer of Souls (1961)

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (1976)

The Weird of the White Wolf (1977) Download

The Sleeping Sorceress (1970) aka The Vanishing Tower

Elric of Melnibone (1972) aka The Dreaming City Download

The Bane of the Black Sword (1977) aka Song of the Black Sword

Stormbringer (1977)

The Fortress of the Pearl (1989)

The Revenge of the Rose (1991)

The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground (2005)

The Singing Citadel (1970)

The Return to Melnibone (1973)

The Jade Man's Eyes (1973)

Tales of the White Wolf: Michael Moorcock's Elric (1995)

The Dreamthief's Daughter (2001)

Stealer of Souls / Stormbringer (omnibus) (2001)

Elric of Melnibon and Other Stories (2013)

Eternal Champion

The Eternal Champion (1962)

Phoenix in Obsidian (1970) aka The Silver Warriors

The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell (1980) (with Howard Chaykin)

The Dragon in the Sword (1986)

The Skrayling Tree: The Albino in America (2003)

The Roads Between the Worlds (1999)

Corum: The Coming Of Chaos (1972)

Kane of Old Mars (1998)

Earl Aubec (1979)

A Nomad of the Time Streams (1999)

Michael Kane (as by Edward P Bradbury)

Warriors of Mars (1965) aka The City of the Beast

Blades of Mars (1965) aka Lord of the Spiders

Barbarians of Mars (1965) aka Masters of the Pit


The Jewel in the Skull (1967)

Sorcerer's Amulet (1968) aka The Mad God's Amulet

The Sword of the Dawn (1968)

The Runestaff (1969) aka The Secret of the Runestaff

Jerry Cornelius

The Final Programme (1968)

The English Assassin (1972)

A Cure for Cancer (1971)

The Condition of Muzak (1977)

The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse (1976)

Cornelius in the 20th Century (1976)

The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century (1976) aka Persson and Catherine

The Entropy Tango (1981)

The Opium General (1984)

The Cornelius Chronicles, Vol. II (omnibus) (1986)

The New Nature of the Catastrophe (1993) (with Langdon Jones)

Firing the Cathedral (2002)

The Cornelius Quartet: The Final Program, a Cure for Cancer, the English Assassin, and the Condition of Muzak (omnibus) (2004)

Jerry Cornell's Comic Capers (2005)

Karl Glogaver

Behold the Man (1969) Download


The Knight of the Swords (1971)

The Queen of the Swords (1971)

The King of the Swords (1971)

The Bull and the Spear (1973)

The Oak and the Ram (1973)

The Sword and the Stallion (1974)

Oswald Bastable

The Warlord of the Air (1971)

The Land Leviathan (1974)

The Steel Tsar (1981)

Count Brass

Count Brass (1973)

The Champion of Garathorm (1974)

The Quest for Tanelorn (1975)

Time of the Hawklords (with Michael Butterworth)

The Time of the Hawklords (1976)

Queens of Deliria (1977)

Von Bek Family

The Warhound and the World's Pain (1981)

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse (1982)

The City in the Autumn Stars (1986)

Lunching with the Antichrist (1994)

Colonel Pyat Quartet

Byzantium Endures (1981)

The Laughter of Carthage (1984)

Jerusalem Commands (1992)

The Vengeance of Rome (2006)

Second Ether

Blood (1995)

Fabulous Harbours (1995)

The War Amongst the Angels (1996)

Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melnibone

Elric: The Stealer of Souls (2008)

Elric: To Rescue Tanelorn (2008)

Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress (2008)

Elric: Duke Elric (2009)

Elric: In the Dream Realms (2009)

Elric: Swords and Roses (2010)

Elric: The Moonbeam Roads

Daughter of Dreams (2013)

Destiny's Brother (2013)

Son of the Wolf (2013)

Sanctuary of the White Friar

The Whispering Swarm (2014)


The Fireclown (1965) aka The Winds of Limbo

The Sundered Worlds (1965) aka The Blood Red Game

The Deep Fix (1966) (as by James Colvin)

Printer's Devil (1966) (as by Bill Barclay)

Somewhere in the Night (1966) (as by Bill Barclay)

The Twilight Man (1966) aka The Shores of Death

The Wrecks of Time (1967) aka The Rituals of Infinity

The Black Corridor (1969) (with Hilary Bailey)

The Ice Schooner (1969)

The Time Dweller (1969)

The Chinese Agent (1970)

Breakfast in the Ruins (1971)

The Distant Suns (1975) (with Philip James)

The Golden Barge (1977)

Gloriana (1978) aka Gloriana, or the Unfulfill'd Queen

The Real Life Mr Newman (1979)

The Russian Intelligence (1980)

Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980)

Mother London (1988)

Sailing to Utopia (1993)

King of the City (2000)

Silverheart (2000) (with Storm Constantine)


The Birds of the Moon: A Travellers' Tale (1995)

Non fiction

Wizardry and Wild Romance: A Study Of Epic Fantasy (1987)

Fantasy : The 100 Best Books (1988) (with James Cawthorn)

Mervyn Peake: A Memoir (2006)

Into the Media Web: Selected Short Non-fiction, 1956-2006 (2010)

The Sunday Books (2010) (with Mervyn Peake)

London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction (2012)


Sojan (1977)

Moorcock's Book of Martyrs (1978) aka Dying for Tomorrow

My Experiences in the Third World War (1980)

Casablanca (1989)

The Prince with the Silver Hand (1993)

Tales from the Texas Woods (1997)

London Bone (2001) Download

Cities (2003) (with Peter Crowther, Paul Di Filippo, China MiƩville and Geoff Ryman)

Breaking Windows: A Fantastic Metropolis Sampler (2003) (with Barrington J Bayley, China MiƩville, James Sallis and Jeff VanderMeer)

The Metatemporal Detective (2007)

The Best of Michael Moorcock (2009)

Modem Times 2.0 (2011)

Kizuna: Fiction for Japan (2011) (with Jon Courtenay-Grimwood, Katherine Govier, Robert M Price and Andersen Prunty)

Zenith Lives!: Obverse Quarterly (2012) (with Mark Hodder and Paul Magrs)

Sojan the Swordsman (2013)

Travelling to Utopia (2014)

My Experiences in the Third World War and Other Stories (2014)

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse and Other Stories (2014)

Breakfast in the Ruins and Other Stories (2014)

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