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       Michael Flynn, sometimes published as Michael F. Flynn, works full time as a statistician and writes science fiction as a sideline. Nearly all of Flynn's work falls under the category of hard science fiction, although his treatment of it can be unusual since he has applied the rigor of hard science fiction to "softer" sciences such as sociology in works such as In the Country of the Blind. Much of his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact.



In the Country of the Blind (1990)

Fallen Angels (1991) (with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle)

Eifelheim (2006)


Firestar (1996)

Rogue Star (1998)

Lodestar (2000)

Falling Stars (2001)

Wreck of the River of Stars (2003)

January Dancer

The January Dancer (2008)

Up Jim River (2010)

In the Lion's Mouth (2012)

On the Razor's Edge (2013)


The Forest of Time - Hugo Nominated Novella (2011)

Melodies of the Heart - Hugo Nominated Novella (2011)

The Iron Shirts (2011)


The Forest of Time: And Other Stories (1990)

The Nanotech Chronicles (1991)

Captive Dreams (2012)

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