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       Michael Stackpole started his career as a role-playing and computer game designer before turning to writing. With his bestselling Star Wars novels, Michael Stackpole proved himself to be one of Spectra's fastest-growing mass market authors.



Overkill (1980)

The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar (1983)

Elven Lords (1990)

Once a Hero (1994) Download

Talion: Revenant (1997)

Wolf and Raven: Shadowrun (1998)

Eyes of Silver (1998)

In Hero Years... I'm Dead (2010)

Conan the Barbarian (2011)


Let Me Call You Sweetheart (2009)

The Silver Knife (2009)

Jed and the Titanium Turtle (2009)

Kid Binary and The Two-bit Gang (2009)

Wildest Dreams (2009)

Tunnels and Trolls

City of Terrors (1978)

Sewers of Oblivion (1980)

Dark Conspiracy

A Gathering Evil (1991)

Evil Ascending (1991)

Evil Triumphant (1992)

Realms of Chaos

A Hero Born (1997)

An Enemy Reborn (1998)

DragonCrown War

The Dark Glory War (2000)

Fortress Draconis (2002)

When Dragons Rage (2002)

The Grand Crusade (2003)

Age Of Discovery

A Secret Atlas (2004)

Cartomancy (2006)

The New World (2007)

Merlin Bloodstone Mystery

The Cards Call Themselves (2008)

Brewed Fortune (2008)

Mysterious Ways (2013)

Trick Molloy Mysteries

Little Girl Lost (2009)

No Rest For The Wicked (2009)

Such A Nice Girl (2009)

The Witch in Scarlet (2009)

'Til Death (2009)

Crown Colonies

At the Queen's Command (2010)

Of Limited Loyalty (2011)

Homeland Security Services

Perfectly Invisible (2011)


The Crusader Road (2014)

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