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       Mercedes Lackey has a degree in biology from Purdue University. Like many writers she has worked at a variety of jobs, including short stints as a waitress, security guard and artist's model. She lives outside Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and collaborator, artist Larry Dixon, their several birds and two dogs.


Valdemar Books by Mercedes Lackey

Assorted Books by Mercedes Lackey

Valdemar : Heralds of Valdemar

Arrows of the Queen (1987)

Arrow's Flight (1987)

Arrow's Fall (1988)

Queen's Own (omnibus) (1987)

Heralds of Valdemar (omnibus) (1990)

Take a Thief (2001)

Exile's Honor (2002)

Exile's Valor (2003)

On the Other Side (2010)

Stolen Silver (2010)

The Heralds of Valdemar Omnibus (omnibus) (2014)

The Complete Arrows Trilogy (omnibus) (2015)

Valdemar : Vows and Honor

The Oathbound (1988)

Oathbreakers (1989)

Oathblood (1998)

By the Sword (1991)

Vows and Honor (omnibus) (1993)

Landscape of the Imagination (2010)

Keys (2011)

Sword Sworn (2011)

A Tale of Heroes (2011)

The Making of a Legend (2011)

The Talisman (2011)

Wings of Fire (2011)

Friendly Fire (2011)

A Woman's Weapon (2011)

Valdemar : Last Herald Mage

Magic's Pawn (1989)

Magic's Promise (1990)

Magic's Price (1990)

The Last Herald Mage (omnibus) (1990)

The Mage Winds (omnibus) (2015)

Diana Tregarde

Magic 101 (2014)

Children of the Night (1990)

Burning Water (1989)

Jinx High (1991)

Diana Tregarde Investigates (omnibus) (2006)

Trio of Sorcery (omnibus) (2010)

Killer Byte (2011)

Nightside (2011)

Satanic, Versus (2011)

Valdemar : Mage Winds

Winds of Fate (1991)

Winds of Change (1992)

Winds of Fury (1993)

Halfblood Chronicles (with Andre Norton)

Elvenbane (1991)

Elvenblood (1995)

Elvenborn (2002)


The Ship Who Searched (1992) (with Anne McCaffrey)

Brain Ships (omnibus) (2003) (with Margaret Ball and Anne McCaffrey)


Rediscovery (1993) (with Marion Zimmer Bradley)

A Different Kind of Courage (2010)

Object Lesson (2010)

Poetic License (2010)

Set a Thief (2010)

Bardic Voices

Lark and the Wren (1993)

The Robin and the Kestrel (1993)

A Cast of Corbies (1994) (with Josepha Sherman)

The Eagle and the Nightingales (1995)

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (1997)

The Free Bards (omnibus) (1997) (with Larry Dixon)

Bardic Voices (omnibus) (2002)

Valdemar : Mage Wars (with Larry Dixon)

The Black Gryphon (1993)

The White Gryphon (1995)

The Silver Gryphon (1996)

Valdemar : Mage Storms

Storm Warning (1994)

Storm Rising (1995)

Storm Breaking (1996)

The Mage Storms (omnibus) (2015)

Elemental Masters

The Fire Rose (1995)

The Serpent's Shadow (2001)

The Gates of Sleep (2001)

Phoenix and Ashes (2004)

The Wizard of London (2005)

Grey (2011)

Reserved for the Cat (2007)

Unnatural Issue (2011)

Home From the Sea (2012)

Steadfast (2013)

Red as Blood (2014) aka Blood Red

From a High Tower (2015)

A Study in Sable (2016)

Grey's Ghost (2011)

Fairy Tale

Firebird (1996)

The Black Swan (1999)

Dariens Tale (with Larry Dixon)

Owlflight (1997)

Owlsight (1998)

Owlknight (1998)


Brightly Burning (2000)

The One Left Behind (2014)

The Simple Gifts (2014)

Finding the Path (2014) (with Larry Dixon)

Heirs of Alexandria (with Eric Flint and Dave Freer)

The Shadow of the Lion (2002)

This Rough Magic (2003)

Much Fall of Blood (2010)

Burdens of the Dead (2013)

Dragon Jousters

Joust (2003)

Alta (2004)

Sanctuary (2005)

Aerie (2006)

Obsidian (with James Mallory)

The Outstretched Shadow (2003)

To Light A Candle (2004)

When Darkness Falls (2006)

The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy (omnibus) (2014)

Five Hundred Kingdoms

The Fairy Godmother (2004)

One Good Knight (2006)

Fortune's Fool (2007)

The Snow Queen (2008)

The Sleeping Beauty (2010)

Beauty and the Werewolf (2011)

A Tangled Web (2012)

Once Upon a Tale (omnibus) (2011)

A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms Volume 1 (omnibus) (2014)

A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms Volume 2 (omnibus) (2014)

A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms Volume 3 (omnibus) (2014)

Doubled Edge (with Roberta Gellis)

This Scepter'd Isle (2004)

Ill Met by Moonlight (2005)

By Slanderous Tongues (2007)

And Less Than Kind (2008)

Witches of Karres (with Eric Flint and Dave Freer)

The Wizard of Karres (2004)

Enduring Flame (with James Mallory)

The Phoenix Unchained (2007)

The Phoenix Endangered (2008)

The Phoenix Transformed (2009)

The Enduring Flame Trilogy (omnibus) (2014)

Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles

Foundation (2008)

Intrigues (2010)

Changes (2011)

Redoubt (2012)

Bastion (2013)

Shadow Grail (with Rosemary Edghill)

Legacies (2010)

Conspiracies (2011)

Sacrifices (2013)

Victories (2014)


SKitty (2010)

A Tail of Two SKittys (2010)

SCat (2010)

A Better Mousetrap (2010)

Shipscat Collection (omnibus) (2012)


Balance (2010)

Dragon's Teeth (2010)

Secret World Chronicles

Invasion (2011) (with Dennis Lee, Steve Libbey and Cody Martin)

World Divided (2012) (with Veronica Giguere, Dennis Lee and Cody Martin)

Revolution (2013) (with Veronica Giguere, Dennis Lee and Cody Martin)

Collision (2014) (with Veronica Giguere, Dennis Lee and Cody Martin)

Sgian Dubh (2011)

White Bird (2011)

Strike a Pose (2011)

Exemplar (2014)

Dragon Prophecy (with James Mallory)

Crown of Vengeance (2012)

Herald Spy

Closer to Home (2014)

Closer to the Heart (2015)

Closer to the Chest (2016)

One Dozen Daughters (with James Mallory)

The House of the Four Winds (2014)

All-New Tales of Valdemar

No True Way (2014)

Crucible (2015)


Hunter (2015)

Elite (2016)


If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (1993) (with Piers Anthony)

Sacred Ground (1994)

Tiger Burning Bright (1995) (with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton)

The River's Gift (1999)

Gwenhwyfar (2009)

Arcanum 101 (2012) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Dead Reckoning (2012) (with Rosemary Edghill)


Roadkill (1990)

Wet Wings (1996)

Hallowmass Night (2010)

Thicker Than Water (2010) (with Cody Martin)

Dragon in Distress (2010) (with Elisabeth Waters)

To Dye For (2011)

Small Print (2011)

Last Rights (2011)

Dance Track (2011)

Scam Artistry (2011) (with Elisabeth Waters)

Devil Went Down to Georgia (2011)

Jihad (2012)

Once and Future (2012)

Aliens Ate My Pickup (2012)

The Cup and the Cauldron (2013)

The Enemy of my Enemy (2013)

The Last of the Season (2013)

Operation Desert Fox (2013)

The Waters and the Wild (2013)

Series contributed to

Sword of Knowledge (with Nancy Asire, C J Cherryh and Leslie Fish)

A Dirge for Sabis (1989)

Reap the Whirlwind (1989)

Wizard Spawn (1989)

The Sword of Knowledge (omnibus) (1995)

Bedlam's Bard

Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (1990) (with Ellen Guon)

Summoned to Tourney (1992) (with Ellen Guon)

Beyond World's End (2001) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Spirits White as Lightning (2001) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Mad Maudlin (2003) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Music to My Sorrow (2003) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Bedlam's Bard (omnibus) (1991) (with Ellen Guon)

Bedlam's Edge (2005) (with Rosemary Edghill)

Wing Commander (with Ellen Guon)

Freedom Flight (1992)

Bard's Tale

Castle of Deception (1992) (with Josepha Sherman)

Fortress of Frost and Fire (1993) (with Ru Emerson)

Prison of Souls (1993) (with Mark Shepherd)

SERRAted Edge

Born to Run (1992) (with Larry Dixon)

Chrome Circle (1994) (with Larry Dixon)

When the Bough Breaks (1993) (with Holly Lisle)

Wheels of Fire (1992) (with Mark Shepherd)

Stoned Souls (2006) (with Josepha Sherman)

The Chrome Borne (omnibus) (1999) (with Larry Dixon)

The Otherworld (omnibus) (2000) (with Holly Lisle and Mark Shepherd)

Silence (2016) (with Cody Martin)

Stellar Guild (with Cody Martin)

Reboots (2011)

Reboots: Diabolical Streak (2014)

Guardians of the Three / Exiled (with Eric Flint, Jody Lynn Nye and S M Stirling)

By Tooth and Claw (2015)

Nebula Awards Showcase

Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 (2016)

Short stories

A Better Mousetrap


Grey's Ghost

Last of the Season


Satanic, Versus



Stolen Silver

A Tail of Two SKitties


Fiddler Fair (1986)

Dance Track (1993) (with Larry Dixon)

Jihad (1993)

Small Print (1994) (with Larry Dixon)

Once and Future (1995)

Wide Wings (1999)

Anthology series

Other Tales of Valdemar

Sword of Ice (1997)

Sun in Glory (2003)

Crossroads (2005)

Moving Targets (2008)

Changing the World (2009)

Finding the Way (2010)

Under the Vale (2011)

Homecoming (2003)

All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters

Elemental Magic (2012)

Elementary (2013)

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