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       Matthew Reilly was born in Sydney in 1974 and studied Law at the University of New South Wales. He has written both screenplays and magazine articles, and recently optioned the film rights to Contest. His second and third novels, Ice Station and Temple, became No. 1 bestsellers in his native Australia, and went on to enjoy huge success internationally. The author still lives in Sydney, and keeps on writing.



Ice Station (1998) Download

Area 7 (2001)

Scarecrow (2003)

Hell Island (2006)

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (2011) aka Scarecrow Returns

Hover Car Racer

Crash Course (2005)

Full Throttle (2005)

Photo Finish (2007)

Jack West Junior

The Seven Ancient Wonders (2005) aka Seven Deadly Wonders

The Six Sacred Stones (2007)

The Five Greatest Warriors (2009)


Temple (1999)

Contest (2000)

Hell Island (2006)

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