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       Martin Cruz Smith(aka Simon Quinn) is the author of GORKY PARK, as well as STALLION GATE, POLAR STAR, RED SQUARE and ROSE, among other novels. He lives in California with his wife and three children.


Arkady Renko

Gorky Park (1981)

Polar Star (1989)

Red Square (1992)

Havana Bay (1999) Download

Wolves Eat Dogs (2004)

Stalin's Ghost (2006)

Three Stations (2010)

Roman Grey

Gypsy in Amber (1971)

Canto for a Gypsy (1972)

Inquisitor (writing as Simon Quinn)

The Devil in Kansas (1974)

The Last Time I Saw Hell (1974)

Nuplex Red (1974)

His Eminence, Death (1974)

The Midas Coffin (1975)

Last Rites for the Vulture (1975)


The Indians Won (1970)

The Analog Bullet (1972)

Human Factor (1975) (writing as Simon Quinn)

Nightwing (1977)

Stallion Gate (1986)

Rose (1996)

Tokyo Station (2001) aka December 6

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