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       Mark Haddon is an author, illustrator and screenwriter who has written fifteen books for children and won two BAFTAs. He lives in Oxford.



Gridzbi Spudvetch! (1993)

Titch Johnson (1993)

Real Porky Philips (1994)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2002) Download

A Spot of Bother (2006)

Boom! (2009)

The Red House (2012)

Agent Z

Agent Z Meets the Masked Crusader (1993)

Agent Z Goes Wild (1994)

Agent Z and the Penguin from Mars (1995)

Agent Z and the Masked Crusader (1996)

Agent Z and the Killer Bananas (2001)

Non fiction

Secret Agent Handbook (1999)

Stop What You're Doing and Read This! (2011) (with Carmen Callil, Michael Rosen, Zadie Smith and Jeanette Winterson)

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