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       Mark Dunn (born 1956 Memphis, Tennessee) is an American author and playwright. He studied film at Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis) followed by post-graduate work in screenwriting at the University of Texas at Austin moving to New York in 1987 where he worked in the New York Public Library whilst writing plays in his free time.

        Among the twenty-five plays Dunn has written (as of 2001), Belles and Five Tellers Dancing in the Rain have been produced over one hundred and fifty times. Dunn is playwright-in-residence with the New Jersey Repertory Company and the Community Theatre League in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

        In 1998 Dunn sued the writers, distributors and producers of The Truman Show, claiming that the story was based on a play he had written and performed Off-Broadway in 1992, Frank's Life.

        Dunn seems to be particularly interested in constrained writing, with Ella Minnow Pea being a "progressively lipogrammatic" epistolary novel, and Ibid: A Life, comprised entirely from the endnotes of a fictional "lost" biography.

        Dunn lives with his wife Mary in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Ella Minnow Pea (2001) Download

Welcome to Higby (2002)

Ibid: A Life (2004)

Feral Park (2010)

Under the Harrow (2010)

Rodney and Wayne, Cosmic Repairboys

The Age Altertron (2009)

The Meteorological Manipulator (2010)

Non fiction

ZOUNDS!: A Browser's Dictionary of Interjections (2013) (with Sergio Aragones)


Belles (1989)

Minus some buttons (1991)

Sand pies and scissorlegs (1992)

Five tellers dancing in the rain (1994)

Judge and Jury (1994)

Gendermat (1999)

Cabin fever: A Texas tragicomedy (2000)

The Deer & the Antelope Play (2001)

Dix Tableaux (2012)

A Delightful Quarantine (2012)

Helen's Most Favorite Day (2012)

Mrs. Townley Had A Pomeranian (2012)

PIGmalion (2012)

Seven Interviews (2014)

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