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       Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, better known as L. Ron Hubbard, was the founder of the Church of Scientology, as well as the author of Dianetics and the body of works comprising Scientology doctrine. He was also an author in numerous speculative fiction genres for the pulp magazines and, later in life, returned to science fiction.


Mission Earth

The Invaders Plan (1985) Download

Black Genesis (1986)

The Enemy Within (1986)

An Alien Affair (1986)

Fortune of Fear (1986) Download

Death Quest (1986) Download

Voyage of Vengeance (1986) Download

Disaster (1987)

Villainy Victorious (1986) Download

The Doomed Planet (1986)


Buckskin Brigades (1937)

Slaves of Sleep (1939)

Final Blackout (1940)

Death's Deputy (1948)

The Masters of Sleep (1948)

Fear (1951)

Typewriter in the Sky (1951)

Return to Tomorrow (1954) aka To the Stars

The Ultimate Adventure (1970)

Seven Steps to the Arbiter (1975)

Battlefield Earth (1982)

The Automagic Horse (1994)

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