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       Katherine Irene Kurtz is the author of numerous fantasy novels, especially the Deryni novels. Although born in America, for the past several years she has lived in a renovated castle in the south of Ireland with her husband.



Deryni Rising (1970)

Deryni Checkmate (1972)

High Deryni (1973)

The Deryni Archives (1986)

Deryni Magic: A Grimoire (1990)

(1997) (with Robert Reginald)

Deryni Tales (2002)

Camber of Culdi

Camber of Culdi (1976)

Saint Camber (1978)

Camber the Heretic (1981)

King Kelson

The Bishop's Heir (1984) Download

The King's Justice (1985) Download

The Quest for Saint Camber (1986) Download

King Kelson's Bride (1997)

Heirs of Saint Camber

The Harrowing of Gwynedd (1989)

King Javan's Year (1992)

The Bastard Prince (1994)

Adept (with Deborah Turner Harris)

The Adept (1991)

The Lodge of the Lynx (1992)

The Templar Treasure (1993)

Dagger Magic (1995)

Death of an Adept (1996)

Knights of the Blood (with Scott MacMillan)

Knights of the Blood (1993)

At Sword's Point (1994)

Knights Templar

The Temple and the Stone (1998) (with Deborah Turner Harris)

The Temple and the Crown (2001) (with Deborah Turner Harris)

Tales of the Knights Templar (1995)

On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar (1998)

Childe Morgan Trilogy

In the King's Service (2003)

The Childe Morgan (2006)

The King's Deryni (2014)


Lammas Night (1983)

The Legacy of Lehr (1986)

Two Crowns for America (1996)

Patrick's Gargoyle (2001)

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