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       Kate Angell is a graduate of North Dakota University. She now resides in beautiful Naples, Florida.She's an avid reader, animal lover and sports enthusiast. She believes in the freedom of the spirit, and that laughter is good for the soul. She enjoys gourmet coffee, biscotti and Godiva chocolate.


Richmond Rogues

Squeeze Play (2006) Download DOC or HTML

Curveball (2007)

Strike Zone (2008)

Sliding Home (2009)

Ho, Humbug, Ho (2012)

Sweet Spot (2010)

Barefoot William

No Tan Lines (2012)

No Strings Attached (2013)


Calder's Rose (2003)

Drive Me Crazy (2004)

Crazy for You (2005)

No Sunshine When She's Gone (2014)

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