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       Joseph Alexander Altsheler (April 29, 1862 – June 5, 1919) was an American newspaper reporter, editor and author of popular juvenile historical fiction. His seven series comprise a total of thirty-two novels, each containing an independent story. There are nineteen non-series novels. He also authored forty-four short stories and two non-fiction items.


The Young Trailers

The Young Trailers (1907)

The Forest Runners (1908)

The Keepers of the Trail (1916)

The Eyes of the Woods (1917)

The Free Rangers (1909)

The Riflemen of the Ohio (1910)

The Scouts of the Valley (1911)

The Border Watch(1912)

The French and Indian War

The Hunters of the Hills (1916)

The Shadow of the North (1917)

The Rulers of the Lakes (1917)

The Masters of the Peaks (1918)

The Lords of the Wild (1919)

The Sun of Quebec (1919)

The Texan

The Texan Star (1912)

The Texan Scouts (1913)

The Texan Triumph (1913)

The Civil War

The Guns of Bull Run (1914)

The Guns of Shiloh (1914)

The Scouts of Stonewall (1914)

The Sword of Antietam (1914)

The Star of Gettysburg (1915)

The Rock of Chickamauga (1915)

The Shades of the Wilderness (1916)

The Tree of Appomattox (1916)

The Great West

The Great Sioux Trail (1918)

The Lost Hunters (1918)

The World War I

The Guns of Europe (1915)

The Forest of Swords (1915)

The Hosts of the Air (1915)

The Gold Series

The Rainbow of Gold (1898)

The Hidden Mine (1896)


A Knight of Philadelphia (1897)

A Soldier of Manhattan, and his adventures at Ticonderoga and Quebec (1897)

The Sun of Saratoga, a romance of Burgoyne's surrender (1897)

A Herald of the West, an American story of 1811-1815 (1898)

In Circling Camps, a romance of the Civil War (1900)

In Hostile Red, a romance of the Monmouth campaign (1900)

The Last Rebel (1900)

The Wilderness Road; a romance of St. ClairÂ’s defeat and WayneÂ’s victory (1901)

My Captive, a novel (1902)

Before the Dawn, a story of the fall of Richmond (1903)

Guthrie of the Times, a story of success (1904)

The Candidate, a political romance (1905)

The Changing Order (1907)

The Recovery, a story of Kentucky (1908)

The Last of the Chiefs, a story of the great Sioux war (1909)

The Horsemen of the Plains, a story of the great Cheyenne war (1910)

The Quest of the Four, story of the Comanches and Buena Vista (1911)

Apache Gold, a story of the strange Southwest (1913)

The Golden Leaf: A Story of the Dark Tobacco Region, (2013)

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