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       Jonathan Carroll is the acclaimed author of The Wooden Sea, The Land of Laughs, and many other singularly unique novels. He lives in Vienna, Austria.



Bones of the Moon (1987) Download

Sleeping in Flame (1988) Download

A Child Across the Sky (1989) Download

Crane's View Trilogy

Kissing the Beehive (1997) Download

The Marriage of Sticks (1998) Download

The Wooden Sea (2001) Download


The Land of Laughs (1980) Download

Voice of Our Shadow (1983) Download

Outside the Dog Museum (1991)

After Silence (1992) Download

From the Teeth of Angels (1994) Download

White Apples (2002) Download

Glass Soup (2005)

The Ghost in Love (2008)

Bathing the Lion (2014)

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