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       John is a bestselling author and screenwriter whose eleven books have sold millions of copies and are reprinted in nine languages.



Fright Night (1985) (with Craig Spector)

The Light at the End (1986) (with Craig Spector) Download

The Cleanup (1987) (with Craig Spector)

The Scream (1987) (with Craig Spector) Download

Dead Lines (1988) (with Craig Spector)

The Bridge (1991) (with Craig Spector) Download

Animals (1993) (with Craig Spector)

The Emerald Burrito of Oz (2000) (with Marc Levinthal)

Conscience (2004)

Long Last Call (2006)

Jake's Wake (2008) (with Cody Goodfellow)

Spore (2010) (with Cody Goodfellow)

The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie (2013) (with Cody Goodfellow)

Anthologies edited

Book of the Dead (1989) (with Craig Spector) Download

Still Dead: Book of the Dead II (1992) (with Craig Spector)

Mondo Zombie (2006)

Zombies: Encounters With the Hungry Dead (2009)

The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction Issue Four (2010)

Demons (2011)

Psychos (2012)

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