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       John Grisham graduated from Law School in 1981 and for nine years ran his own law firm. Following the extraordinary success of The Firm, John Grisham gave up his practice to write full time. He lives with his wife Renee and their two children Ty and Shea. The family splits their time between their Victorian home on a farm in Mississippi and a plantation near Charlottesville, VA.


Theodore Boone

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (2010)

The Abduction (2011)

The Accused (2012)

The Activist (2013)


A Time to Kill (1989) Download

The Firm (1991) Download

The Pelican Brief (1992) Download

The Client (1993) Download

The Chamber (1994) Download

The Rainmaker (1995) Download

The Runaway Jury (1996)

The Partner (1997) Download

The Street Lawyer (1998) Download

The Testament (1999) Download

The Brethren (2000) Download

A Painted House (2001) Download

Skipping Christmas (2001) Download

The Summons (2002) Download

The King of Torts (2003) Download

Bleachers (2003) Download

The Last Juror (2004) Download

The Broker (2005)

Playing for Pizza (2007)

The Appeal (2008)

The Associate (2009)

The Confession (2010)

The Litigators (2011)

Calico Joe (2012)

The Racketeer (2012)

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