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       A pseudonym used by Samuel Youd

       Sam Youd, known professionally as Christopher Samuel Youd, was a British author, best known for his science fiction writings under the pseudonym John Christopher, including the novel The Death of Grass and the young adult novel series The Tripods.

       Youd, is an old Cheshire surname. Sam Youd was born in Huyton, Lancashire, in 1922. In 1932 he moved to Hampshire and attended Peter Symonds' School, Winchester, until the age of 16, when he left to work in local government. At school he had been "absolutely passionately devoted" to science fiction, and in his teens he published an amateur magazine (The Fantast). He admired Aldous Huxley and Arthur Clarke, at the literarily serious end of the spectrum.



When the Tripods Came (1967)

The White Mountains (1967)

The City of Gold and Lead (1967)

The Pool of Fire (1968)

Prince in Waiting

The Prince in Waiting (1970)

Beyond the Burning Lands (1971)

The Sword of the Spirits (1972)


The Winter Swan (1949)

The Year of the Comet (1955) aka Planet in Peril

The Death of Grass (1956) aka No Blade of Grass

The Caves of Night (1958)

A Scent of White Poppies (1959)

The Long Voyage (1960) aka The White Voyage

The World in Winter (1962) aka The Long Winter

Cloud on Silver (1964) aka Sweeney's Island

The Possessors (1964)

A Wrinkle in the Skin (1965) aka The Ragged Edge

The Little People (1966)

Pendulum (1968)

The Lotus Caves (1969)

The Guardians (1970)

Dom and Va (1973) aka In The Beginning

Wild Jack (1974)

Empty World (1977)

A Dusk of Demons (1993)

Bad Dream (2003)

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