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       John C. Wright, a journalist and a lawyer turned SF and fantasy writer, lives with his wife and son in Centreville, Virginia.


Golden Age

The Golden Age: A Romance of the Far Future (2002) Download

The Phoenix Exultant: or, Dispossessed in Utopia (2003) Download

The Golden Transcendence: Or, The Last of the Masquerade (2003) Download


The Last Guardian of Everness (2004)

Mists of Everness (2005)

Chronicles of Chaos

Orphans of Chaos (2005)

Fugitives of Chaos (2006)

Titans of Chaos (2007)


Null-A Continuum (2008)

Count to a Trillion

Count to a Trillion (2011)

The Hermetic Millennia (2012)

The Judge of Ages (2014)

Awake in the Night

Awake in the Night (2014)

Awake in the Night Land (2014)


The Architect of Aeons (2015)

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