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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Wade Curtis. In addition to being an acclaimed science fiction author, Jerry Pournelle holds degrees in engineering, psychology and political science.



Birth of Fire (1976)

Lucifer's Hammer (1977) (with Larry Niven)

Oath of Fealty (1981) (with Larry Niven)

Footfall (1985) (with Larry Niven)

Fallen Angels (1991) (with Michael Flynn and Larry Niven)

The Children's Hour (1991) (with S M Stirling)

Red Heroin (as by Wade Curtis)

Red Heroin (1965)

Red Dragon (1970)


A Spaceship for the King (1973) aka King David's Spaceship

West of Honor (1976)

The Mercenary (1977)

Moties (with Larry Niven)

The Mote in God's Eye (1974)

The Gripping Hand (1993) aka The Moat Around Murcheson's Eye

Inferno (with Larry Niven)

Inferno (1976)

Escape from Hell (2009)

Laurie Jo Hansen

High Justice (1977)

Exiles to Glory (1978)


Janissaries (1979)

Clan and Crown (1982) (with Roland J Green)

Storms of Victory (1987) (with Roland J Green)


The Legacy of Heorot (1987) (with Steven Barnes and Larry Niven)

The Dragons of Heorot (1995) (with Steven Barnes and Larry Niven) aka Beowulf's Children

The Secret of Black Ship Island (2012) (with Larry Niven)

Falkenberg's Legion

Prince of Mercenaries (1989)

Falkenberg's Legion (1990)

Go Tell the Spartans (1991) (with S M Stirling)

Prince of Sparta (1993) (with S M Stirling)

Golden Road (with Larry Niven)

The Burning City (2000)

Burning Tower (2005)

Non fiction

Step Farther Out (1979)

The User's Guide to Small Computers (1984)

Adventures in Microland (Pournelle Users Guide, No 11) (1985)

Guide to Disc Operating System and Easy Computing (1989)

Pournelle's PC Communications Bible (1992) (with Michael Banks)

Windows with an Attitude (1993)

1001 Computer Words You Need to Know (2004)

PC Hardware: The Definitive Guide (2005)

Series contributed to

Planet of the Apes

Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1973)

Nebula Award Stories (with John F Carr)

Nebula Award Stories 16 (1982)

War World

The Burning Eye (1988) (with John F Carr)

Death's Head Rebellion (1990) (with John F Carr)

Sauron Dominion (1991) (with John F Carr)

Invasion (1994)

Codominium (1992) (with John F Carr)


Higher Education (1996) (with Charles Sheffield)

Starswarm (1998)

Man-Kzin (with Dean Ing and S M Stirling)

The Houses of the Kzinti (omnibus) (2002)

Assorted Books by Jerry Pournelle

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