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       aka Jay Mitchell, Jennifer O'Green. Roberson has lived in Northern Arizona since 1957. While she grew up in Phoenix, the author moved to Flagstaff in 1999. Roberson obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Northern Arizona University in 1982 as an adult student. She spent her final semester in England at the University of London, which enabled her to do in-depth research at castles and cathedrals, museums and estates, and to visit historical sites in Scotland and Wales. She breeds Cardigan Welsh Corgis as a hobby.



The Shapechangers (1984) Download

The Song of Homana (1985)

Legacy of the Sword (1986)

Track of the White Wolf (1987)

A Pride of Princes (1988)

Daughter of the Lion (1989)

Flight of the Raven (1990)

A Tapestry of Lions (1992)


Sword-Dancer (1986)

Sword-Singer (1988)

Sword-Maker (1989)

Sword Breaker (1991)

Sword-Born (1998) DOC

Sword-Sworn (1999)

Sword-Bound (2013)

Robin Hood

Lady of the Forest (1992)

Lady of Sherwood (1999)

Golden Key Universe (with Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn)

The Golden Key (1996)

Cheysuli Omnibus Editions

Shapechangers Song (2001)

Legacy of the Wolf (2001)

Children of the Lion (2001)

The Lion Throne (2001)

Chronicles of the Cheysuli: : Two short stories (2013)


Karavans (2006)

Deepwood (2007)

The Wild Road (2012)

Ending, and Beginning (2013)

Sword-Dancer Omnibus Editions

The Novels of Tiger and Del, Volume I: Sword-Dancer / Sword-Singer (2006)

The Novels of Tiger and Del, Volume II (2006)

The Novels of Tiger and Del, Volume III (2006)

Sword-Dancer Saga (2013)


Smoketree (1985)

Kansas Blood (1986) (as by Jay Mitchell)

Royal Captive (1987) (as by Jennifer O'Green)

Lady of the Glen (1996)

Lonnie (2012)

The Irishman (2012)

Short stories

The Horse Who Would Be King (1992)

Guinevere's Truth [short story] (1995)

Out of the Closet: The Assassin's Tale (1995)

Soup's On: The Pipe Smoker's Tale (1995)

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