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       James Patterson is one of the best-known and biggest selling writers of all time. He is the author of some of the bestselling series of the past decade: the Women's Murder Club, the Alex Cross novels and Maximum Ride, and he has written many other number one bestsellers including romance novels and stand alone thrillers. He has won an Edgar award, the mystery world's highest honour. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.


Alex Cross

Along Came a Spider (1992) Download

Kiss the Girls (1994) Download

Jack and Jill (1996) Download

Cat and Mouse (1997) Download

Pop! Goes the Weasel (1999) Download

Roses Are Red (2000) Download

Violets Are Blue (2001) Download

Four Blind Mice (2002) Download

The Big Bad Wolf (2003) Download

London Bridges (2004) Download

Mary Mary (2005)

Cross (2006) aka Alex Cross

Double Cross (2007)

Cross Country (2008)

Alex Cross's Trial (2009) (with Richard DiLallo)

I, Alex Cross (2009)

Cross Fire (2010)

Kill Alex Cross (2011)

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012)

Alex Cross, Run (2013)

When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows (1998) Download

The Lake House (2003) Download

Women's Murder Club

1st to Die (2001) Download

2nd Chance (2002) (with Andrew Gross) Download

3rd Degree (2004) (with Andrew Gross) Download

4th of July (2005) (with Maxine Paetro)

The 5th Horseman (2006) (with Maxine Paetro)

The 6th Target (2007) (with Maxine Paetro)

7th Heaven (2008) (with Maxine Paetro)

8th Confession (2009) (with Maxine Paetro)

9th Judgment (2010) (with Maxine Paetro)

10th Anniversary (2011) (with Maxine Paetro)

11th Hour (2012) (with Maxine Paetro)

12th of Never (2013) (with Maxine Paetro)

Maximum Ride

The Angel Experiment (2005)

School's Out-- Forever (2006)

Saving the World: And Other Extreme Sports (2007)

The Final Warning (2008)

Max (2009)

Fang (2010)

Angel (2011)

Nevermore (2012)

Michael Bennett (with Michael Ledwidge)

Step on a Crack (2007)

Run for Your Life (2009)

Worst Case (2009)

Tick Tock (2011)

I, Michael Bennett (2012)

Daniel X

Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008) (with Michael Ledwidge)

Watch the Skies (2009) (with Ned Rust)

Demons and Druids (2010) (with Adam Sadler)

Game Over (2011) (with Ned Rust)

Armageddon (2012) (with Chris Grabenstein)

Alien Hunter (2008) (with Leopoldo Gout)

Witch and Wizard

Witch and Wizard (2009) (with Gabrielle Charbonnet)

The Gift (2010) (with Ned Rust)

The Fire (2011) (with Jill Dembowski)

The Kiss (2013) (with Jill Dembowski)

Battle for Shadowland (2010)

Jack Morgan (with Maxine Paetro)

Private (2010)

Private: #1 Suspect (2012)


The Thomas Berryman Number (1976)

Season of the Machete (1977) Download

The Jericho Commandment (1979) aka See How They Run

Virgin (1980)

Black Market (1986) aka Black Friday

The Midnight Club (1988)

Sam's Letters to Jennifer (1991)

Hide and Seek (1995) Download

Miracle on the 17th Green (1996) (with Peter De Jonge)

Cradle and All (2000) Download

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (2001)

The Beach House (2002) (with Peter De Jonge)

The Jester (2003) (with Andrew Gross) Download

Honeymoon (2005) (with Howard Roughan)

The Lifeguard (2005) (with Andrew Gross)

Beach Road (2006) (with Peter De Jonge)

Judge and Jury (2006) (with Andrew Gross)

The Quickie (2007) (with Michael Ledwidge)

You've Been Warned (2007) (with Howard Roughan)

Sail (2008) (with Howard Roughan)

Sundays at Tiffany's (2008) (with Gabrielle Charbonnet)

Swimsuit (2009) (with Maxine Paetro)

Don't Blink (2010) (with Howard Roughan)

Postcard Killers (2010) (with Liza Marklund)

Toys (2011) (with Neil McMahon)

Now You See Her (2011) (with Michael Ledwidge)

Kill Me If You Can (2011) (with Marshall Karp)

The Christmas Wedding (2011) (with Richard DiLallo)

Guilty Wives (2012) (with David Ellis)

Zoo (2012) (with Michael Ledwidge)

NYPD Red (2012) (with Marshall Karp)

I, Funny (2012) (with Chris Grabenstein)

Second Honeymoon (2013)

Mistress (2013)

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