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       Anne McCaffrey was educated at Radcliffe College, Massachusetts, and has a degree cum laude in Slavonic Languages and Literature. She is a past winner of both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and has written many novels, short stories and novellas, and various articles. Her most celebrated series is the world-famous Dragonriders of Pern saga.


Assorted Books by Anne McCaffrey


Decision at Doona (1967) Download

Crisis on Doona (1992) (with Jody Lynn Nye) Download

Treaty Planet (1994) (with Jody Lynn Nye)

Dragonriders of Pern

Dragonflight (1968) Download

Dragonquest (1971) Download

The White Dragon (1978) Download

DragonsEye (1996) aka Red Star Rising Download

The People of Pern (1988) (with Robin Wood)


To Ride Pegasus (1973)

Pegasus in Flight (1990)

Pegasus in Space (2000)

Harper Hall

Dragonsong (1976) Download

Dragonsinger (1977) Download

Dragondrums (1979) Download

Mystery of Ireta

Dinosaur Planet (1977) Download

Survivors (1984) Download

Crystal Singer

The Crystal Singer (1982) Download

Killashandra (1985) Download

Crystal Line (1992) Download

Renegades of Pern

Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (1983) Download

Nerilka's Story: A Pern Adventure (1986) Download

Dragonsdawn (1988) Download

The Renegades of Pern (omnibus) (1989) Download

All the Weyrs of Pern (1991) Download

The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (omnibus) (1993) Download

The Dolphins of Pern (1994) Download

The Dolphins' Bell (1994)

The Masterharper of Pern (1997) Download

The Skies of Pern (2001) Download

Planet Pirates

Sassinak (1990) (with Elizabeth Moon)

The Death of Sleep (1990) (with Jody Lynn Nye)

Generation Warriors (1991) (with Elizabeth Moon)

Tower and Hive

The Rowan (1990) Download

Damia (1991) Download

Damia's Children (1993) Download

Lyon's Pride (1994) Download

The Tower and the Hive (1999)

Petaybee (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Powers That Be (1993)

Power Lines (1994) Download

Power Play (1992)


Freedom's Landing (1995) Download

Freedom's Choice (1997) Download

Freedom's Challenge (1998) Download

Freedom's Ransom (2002)


Acorna: The Unicorn Girl (1997) (with Margaret Ball)

Acorna's Quest (1998) (with Margaret Ball)

Acorna's People (1999) (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Acorna's World (2000) (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Acorna's Search (2001) (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Acorna's Rebels (2003) (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Acorna's Triumph (2004) (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

New Adventures of Pern (with Todd McCaffrey)

Dragon's Kin (2003)

Dragon's Fire (2006)

Dragon Harper (2007)

Dragon's Time (2011)

Sky Dragons (2012)

Acorna's Children (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

First Warning (2005)

Second Wave (2006)

Third Watch (2007)

Twins of Petaybee (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Changelings (2005)

Maelstrom (2006)

Deluge (2007)

Barque Cats (with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Catalyst (2010)

Catacombs (2010)

Short Story

Dragonrider (1967) Download

Weyr Search (1967) Download


Restoree (1967)

Ring of Fear (1971)

The Mark of Merlin (1971)

The Kilternan Legacy (1975)

The Coelura (1983) Download

A Stitch in Snow (1985)

The Year of the Lucy (1986)

The Lady: A Tale of Ireland (1987) aka Carradyne Touch

An Exchange of Gifts (1995)

No One Noticed the Cat (1996)

Black Horses for the King (1996)

Nimisha's Ship (1998)

If Wishes Were Horses (1998)

Non fiction

Cooking Out Of This World (1973)

The Atlas of Pern (1984) (with Karen W Fonstad)

A Diversity of Dragons (1995)

Serve It Forth: Cooking With Anne McCaffrey (1996) (with John Gregory Betancourt)

Dragonholder: The Life and Dreams (So Far) of Anne McCaffrey (1999) (with Todd McCaffrey)

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