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       House pseudonym used by Mark Ellis, Rik Hoskin, Laurence James, Victor Milán, Nick Pollotta.

        James Axler is a house name used by the publishing company Gold Eagle Books, the men's action adventure series published by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

        The name was first used for the "Deathlands" series, which began in 1986 with Pilgrimage to Hell, co-written by Christopher Lowder (under the pseudonym Jack Adrian) and Laurence James. Mr. James went on to write the next 32 novels before passing away on 9 February 2000. Under his own name and under the pen names James Darke, James McPhee, and James Axler, he also wrote books for the series "Dark Future," "Earth Blood," "Galactic Security Service" and "Survival 2000," as well as a number of independent novels and short stories.



Pilgrimage to Hell (1986) by Jack Adrian and Laurence James

Red Holocaust (1986) by Laurence James

Neutron Solstice (1987) by Laurence James

Crater Lake (1987) by Laurence James

Homeward Bound (1988) by Laurence James

Pony Soldiers (1988) by Laurence James

Dectra Chain (1988) by Laurence James

Ice and Fire (1988) by Laurence James

Red Equinox (1989) by Laurence James

Northstar Rising (1989) by Laurence James

Time Nomads (1990) by Laurence James

Latitude Zero (1991) by Laurence James

Seedling (1991) by Laurence James

Dark Carnival (1991) by Laurence James

Chill Factor (1992) by Laurence James

Moon Fate (1992) by Laurence James

Fury's Pilgrims (1992) by Laurence James

Shockscape (1993) by Laurence James

Deep Empire (1993) by Laurence James

Cold Asylum (1994) by Laurence James

Twilight Children (1994) by Laurence James

Rider, Reaper (1994) by Laurence James

Road Wars (1994) by Laurence James

Trader Redux (1994) by Laurence James

Genesis Echo (1995) by Laurence James

Shadowfall (1995) by Laurence James

Ground Zero (1995) by Laurence James

Emerald Fire (1995) by Laurence James

Bloodlines (1995) by Laurence James

Crossways (1996) by Laurence James

Keepers of the Sun (1996) by Laurence James

Circle Thrice (1996) by Laurence James

Eclipse at Noon (1996) by Laurence James

Stoneface (1996) by Mark Ellis

Bitter Fruit (1996) by Mel Odom

Skydark (1997) by Alan Philipson

Demons of Eden (1997) by Mark Ellis

The Mars Arena (1997) by Mel Odom

Watersleep (1997) by Terry Collins

Nightmare Passage (1997) by Mark Ellis

Freedom Lost (1998) by Terry Collins

Way of the Wolf (1998) by Mel Odom

Dark Emblem (1998) by Terry Collins

Crucible of Time (1998) by Laurence James

Starfall (1999) by Mel Odom

Gemini Rising (1999) by Nick Pollotta

Gaia's Demise (1999) by Nick Pollotta

Dark Reckoning (1999) by Nick Pollotta

Shadow World (2000) by Alan Philipson

Pandora's Redoubt (2000) by Nick Pollotta

Rat King (2000) by Andy Boot

Zero City (2000) by Nick Pollotta

Savage Armada (2001) by Nick Pollotta

Judas Strike (2001) by Nick Pollotta

Shadow Fortress (2001) by Nick Pollotta

Sunchild (2001) by Andy Boot

Breakthrough (2002) by Alan Philipson

Salvation Road (2002) by Andy Boot

Amazon Gate: Illuminated Ones Book 1 (2002) by Andy Boot

Destiny's Truth: The Illuminated Ones - Book 2 (2000) by Andy Boot

Skydark Spawn (2003) by Edo van Belkom

Damnation Road Show (2003) by Alan Philipson

Devil Riders: Scorpion God - Book 1 (2003) by Nick Pollotta

Bloodfire: Scorpion God - Book 2 (2003) by Nick Pollotta

Hellbenders (2004) by Andy Boot

Separation (2004) by Andy Boot

Death Hunt (2004) by Andy Boot

Shaking Earth (2004) by Victor Milán

Black Harvest (2005) by Edo van Belkom

Vengeance Trail (2005) by Victor Milán

Ritual Chill: Altered States Book One (2005) by Andy Boot

Atlantis Reprise: Altered States Book Two (2005) by Andy Boot

Labyrinth (2006) by Alan Philipson

Strontium Swamp (2006) by Andy Boot

Shatter Zone (2006) by Nick Pollotta

Perdition Valley (2006) by Nick Pollotta

Cannibal Moon (2007) by Alan Philipson

Sky Raider (2007) by Nick Pollotta

Remember Tomorrow (2007) by Andy Boot

Sunspot (2007) by Alan Philipson

Desert Kings (2008) by Nick Pollotta

Apocalypse Unborn (2008) by Alan Philipson

Thunder Road (2008) by Andy Boot

Plague Lords: Empire of Xibalba, Book 1 (2008) by Alan Philipson

Dark Resurrection: Empire of Xibalba, Book 2 (2009) by Alan Philipson

Eden's Twilight (2009) by Nick Pollotta

Desolation Crossing (2009) by Andy Boot

Alpha Wave (2009) by Rik Hoskin

Time Castaways (2009) by Nick Pollotta

Prophecy (2009) by Andy Boot

Blood Harvest (2010) by Chuck Rogers

Arcadian's Asylum (2010) by Andy Boot

Baptism of Rage (2010) by Rik Hoskin

Doom Helix (2010) by Alan Philipson

Moonfeast (2010) by Nick Pollotta

Downrigger Drift (2011) by John Helfers

Playfair's Axiom (2011) by Victor Milán

Tainted Cascade (2011) by Nick Pollotta

Perception Fault (2011) by John Helfers

Prodigal's Return (2011) by Nick Pollotta

Lost Gates (2011) by Andy Boot

Haven's Blight (2012) by Victor Milán

Hell Road Warriors (2012) by Chuck Rogers

Palaces of Light (2012) by Andy Boot

Wretched Earth (2012) by Victor Milán

Crimson Waters (2012) by Victor Milán

No Man's Land (2012) by Victor Milán

Nemesis (2013) by Victor Milán

Chrono Spasm (2013) by Rik Hoskin

Sins of Honor (2013) by Nick Pollotta

Storm Breakers (2013) by Victor Milán

Dark Fathoms (2013) by John Helfers

Motherlode (2013) by Victor Milán

Siren Song (2014) by Rik Hoskin

Hanging Judge (2014) by Victor Milán

End Program (2014) by Rik Hoskin

Desolation Angels (2014)

Blood Red Tide (2014) by Chuck Rogers

Polestar Omega (2014)

Hive Invasion (2015)

Encounter (1999) by Alan Philipson

Earth Blood

Earth Blood (1993) by Laurence James

Deep Trek (1994) by Laurence James

Aurora Quest (1994) by Laurence James


Exile to Hell (1997) by Mark Ellis

Destiny Run (1997) by Mark Ellis

Savage Sun (1997) by Mark Ellis

Omega Path (1998) by Mark Ellis

Parallax Red (1998) by Mark Ellis

Doomstar Relic (1998) by Mark Ellis

Iceblood (1998) by Mark Ellis

Hellbound Fury - The Lost Earth Saga Book 1 (1999) by Mark Ellis

Night Eternal: The Lost Earth Saga Book 2 (1999) by Mark Ellis and Mel Odom

Outer Darkness - The Lost Earth Saga Book 3 (1999) by Mark Ellis

Armageddon Axis (1999) by Mark Ellis

Wreath of Fire (2000) by Mel Odom

Shadow Scourge (2000) by Mark Ellis

Hell Rising (2000) by Mark Ellis

Doom Dynasty (2000) by Mark Ellis

Tigers of Heaven - The Imperator Wars Book 2 (2001) by Mark Ellis

Purgatory Road - The Imperator Wars Book 3 (2001) by Mark Ellis

Sargasso Plunder (2001) by Mel Odom

Tomb of Time (2001) by Mark Ellis

Prodigal Chalice (2002) by Mel Odom

Devil in the Moon: The Dragon Kings, Book 1 (2002) by Mark Ellis

Dragoneye: The Dragon Kings, Book 2 (2002) by Mark Ellis

Far Empire (2002) by Mark Ellis

Equinox Zero (2003) by Mark Ellis

Talon and Fang (2003) by Mark Ellis

Sea of Plague: Heart of the World: Book 2 (2003) by Mark Ellis

Awakening (2003) by Victor Milán

Mad God's Wrath (2004) by Mark Ellis

Sun Lord (2004) by Victor Milán

Mask of the Sphinx (2004) by Chris Van Deelen and Mark Ellis

Uluru Destiny (2004) by Victor Milán

Evil Abyss (2005) by Mark Ellis

Children of the Serpent (2005) by Mark Ellis

Successors (2005) by Victor Milán

Cerberus Storm (2005) by Mark Ellis

Refuge (2006) by Victor Milán

Rim of the World (2006) by Mark Ellis

Lords Of The Deep (2006) by Victor Milán

Hydra's Ring (2006) by Mark Ellis

Closing the Cosmic Eye (2007) by Victor Milán

Skull Throne (2007) by Mark Ellis

Satan's Seed (2007) by Mark Ellis

Dark Goddess (2007) by Mark Ellis

Grailstone Gambit (2008) by Mark Ellis

Ghostwalk (2008) by Mark Ellis

Pantheon of Vengeance (2008) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Death Cry (2008) by Rik Hoskin

Serpent's Tooth (2009) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Shadow Box (2009) by Rik Hoskin

Janus Trap (2009) by Rik Hoskin

Warlord of the Pit (2009) by Mark Ellis

Reality Echo (2010) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Infinity Breach (2010) by Rik Hoskin

Oblivion Stone (2010) by Rik Hoskin

Distortion Offensive (2010) by Rik Hoskin

Cradle of Destiny (2011) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Scarlet Dream (2011) by Rik Hoskin

Truth Engine (2011) by Rik Hoskin

Infestation Cubed (2011) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Planet Hate (2012) by Rik Hoskin

Dragon City (2012) by Rik Hoskin

God War (2012) by Rik Hoskin

Genesis Sinister (2012) by Rik Hoskin

Savage Dawn (2013) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Sorrow Space (2013) by Rik Hoskin

Immortal Twilight (2013) by Rik Hoskin

Cosmic Rift (2013) by Rik Hoskin

Wings of Death (2014) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Necropolis (2014) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Shadow Born (2014) by Douglas P Wojtowicz

Judgment Plague (2014) by Rik Hoskin

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